Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge.. IS BACK!

Yea, you read it right. Black Circuit Lounge is back!! with Brazilian twist this time!

I have given a chance to attend BCL in April with another four friends and believe me, it was a blast for five of us! It marked a very memorable night for us. From the cars to the host to the money-can't-buy passes holders to the DJs to the free flow of Black Labels, world's Scotch Whisky and the number one whisky in Malaysia! everything is so well-planned by the

After seven months, it is back! i'm so excited about it! This time the event will be held at KL Live on 26th November. Let's read what the brand manager, Charles James Wright said..

Our loyal fans and A-list guests in Malaysia have come to expect the best entertainment quality and service at a JOHNNIE WALKER® event. As an official partner of Vodafone McLaren Mercedes since 2005, JOHNNIE WALKER® will not disappoint when Malaysians are invited by the JOHNNIE WALKER® Striding Man to Step Inside the Black Circuit and experience the international glamour of what has become a must-attend party for the stylish and sophisticated. We are committed to ensuring that the JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge VIP race parties always delivers exclusive insider-access into the extraordinary world of motorsport and the high-flying lives of progressive Formula 1™ drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, as they continuously pursue further success around the globe.

He is absolutely correct! BCL is a must-attend party for the stylish and sophisticated! JW is the global partner of Formula One team VMM since 2005 because they both share the values of innovation, winning and leadership.

Let reminisce!

Who were the line-up DJs during April BCL? I believe most of you have heard of her, DJ Sophia Lin from USA! together with DJ Enferno, DVDJ I-Tek and Malaysia very own sweetheart, DJ Faith. I was one of the lucky ones who get to take picture with the sexy DJ Sophia!

And this time, this luxury race party will feature multi-platinum producers and DJ-to-the-stars Clinton Sparks from USA

stunning Latin American DJ Von Kiss, DJ Mr. Gin from Taiwan and DJ Nikki from Malaysia will be spinning for the A-listers at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge!

The most excited question has hit me! What should I wear if I ever get to be the lucky one once again? I would pick yellow toga dress and black killer heels to match the style and sophistication of Johnnie Walker with the energy and glamour of the pulsating Brazil GP to the BCL for a high-flying Formula One lifestyle experience!
+ Christian Louboutin Lady Peep-Toe Slingback Pump

Let's pick your outfits and step inside the Black Circuit Lounge with Johnnie Walker for an inside access into the style and sophistication of the world of Formula One with me!

Want to get yourself a money-can't-buy pass for this race party? There are two ways:

The first one:
Like the Johnnie Walker Malaysia Fan Page and enter the contest before 18 November 2011 to win the VIP passes! you'll get four passes if you're the lucky one! say PHEW! They extended it until 18 nov! supposed to end on 15 nov.

The second one:
Answer the following question in my comment box and leave your name and email address along with your Facebook URL to win! The question is:

Name a Malaysian public personality who you think epitomizes the meaning of “Keep Walking”

For example:
Tony Fernandes, in my opinion epitomizes the meaning of “Keep Walking”. Reason being, his bold – no quitting attitude brought Air Asia to where it is today; being one of the World’s best no frills carrier. September 11 was believed to be the worst time to start an airline company, however Tony braved through the impossible and proved them wrong in the statistics by clearing debts and breaking even on the financial front in just three years.

Please remember. NEVER drink and drive. Keep Walking.


Xelcius said...

Siow Yi Ting, my sister makes me thinking of the meaning of "Keep Walking". She is Malaysia national swimmer that has been in many international competition such as Olympic and Commonwealth games. Although Yi Ting has met many failure in her life, but she never stop walking for her path in swimming.

Siow Ming Qian

AhLok said...

Lam Wai Lok

Datuk Nicol David
the reason i choose her is because she is currently ranked world number in women's squash. She met a lot of failure in her career path before she achieve this. She won the Squash World Open title in 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. I am sure she will keep walking and be the champion in coming years.

Patricia said...

Amber Chia, I believe that she has epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking" Reason being. She has always trying to push her career to the peak, never slow down. From modeling to venturing into filming industry. And now she even started a academy namyly Amber Chia Academy which makes her not just Malaysia's most recognisable supermodel, actress & celebrity, but also a succesful business woman who never stop walking!

Patricia Law Peck Hsia!/profile.php?id=613343151

Ng Kia Loon said...

Datuk Lee Chong Wei, the first Malaysian to reach the final of the men's singles event and ending Malaysia's Olympic medal.He is one of the most accomplished Malaysian badminton players having won two All-England championships. I truly believes that he will keep walking for his career as the world champion.

Unknown said...

Tan Sri Dato Seri Lim Goh Tong.
The reason i choose him is because his vision and courage in transforming Genting Highlands from an unexplored hilltop into one of the world's most successful casino resorts. He had helped to build up the economic position Malaysia having now. Although he had passed away, he earned our respects as his spirits n courage will continue walking.

Lim Yang Yue

Olivia Hee said...

Olivia Hee

"Karpal Singh. So what if he is a third class student that uses 7 years to graduate? He dare to take up challenges with all those high-profile cases like Anwar's.He has successfully defended numerous foreigner on drug charges. Not only that he succeeded in his legal career,he is a big impact in the politics world as well. Despite the car accident that had cost him his leg,the Tiger of Jelutong is still roaring on a wheelchair and he definitely will, KEEP WALKING!

Kev Boy said...

Hannah Tan...
Whenever I thought of Johnny Walker or "Keep Walking", I'll think of her. She never stop walking, always travels around.

Szeshee said...

"KEEP WALKING" reminds me ofTan Sri Robert Kuok. He is an influential Malaysian Chinese businessman. According to Forbes he is the richest person in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. He has business from sugarcane plantations, sugar refineries, flour milling, animal feed, oil, mining, finance, hotels, properties, trading, freight and publishing.
He started off his career working as an office boy, then later with relative’s support; he started doing his own business. He owns large market share in sugar industry which makes him a powerful man in Malaysia and China. With his wealth, he has established Kuok Foundation as one the options to help students who faces difficulties in pursuing their tertiary education.
Tan Sri Robert Kuok is now 88-year-old. Yet, he still involved himself in his business operation. He never quit in exploiting new business opportunities, creating miracles. Life is an endless journey. Tan Sri Rober Kuok has inspired me to “KEEP WALKING” until the day we can’t walk anymore.

Lee Sze Shee

hueyMay said...

Jaclyn Victor. Her dad passed away when she was 9 years old the only person who took care of her is her mom. She started singing in clubs and hotel lounges at the age of eighteen just to support the family. Her mom encouraged her to audition of Malaysian Idol and since then her career started to bloom, her spirit of KEEP WALKING leads her to be a very successful singer now.
Chong Huey May.

Kong Irene said...

Daphne Iking.
She stands in one of the most inspirational women in my list. Despite being let down for times throughout her life, she has never given up on pursuing happiness. She truly lives up the spirit of keep walking.

Anonymous said...

YB Lim Guan Eng, no matter how people stops him. he fought for the country. he voiced out for the people. He even went to jail for 2 years. he keeps on walking and now he is the Chief Minister of Penang!!

Roy shu

zhenlong25 said...

Tan Kheng Seong or better known as Ah Niu 阿牛 a Chinese singer, songwriter, actor and director!

Despite many hardships and challenges, he has been contributing to the industry since I was in primary school! It is hard as an Chinese local artists but he never give up. Even his 1st movie as an director experience many difficulties, he just have the spirit of "KEEP WALKING" and never give up! Truly inspirational!

Chow Zhen Long

Anonymous said...

If one talks about the various industries such as property, resorts, gambling and golfing in Malaysia, he or she will came across Berjaya Group. The Chairman, Tan Sri Dato Seri Vincent has been venturing in each and every possible new business opputunities, keep exploring. He epitomizes the spirit of keep walking.

Yvonne Law!/profile.php?id=542785813

Big Grey Wolf said...

There are many Malaysian personality who can be related to the meaning of keep walking but I would personally vote for Lim Kok Thay. Not as well-known as his father Lim Goh Tong, Lim Kok Thay was handed by his father the Genting empire. An old Chinese proverb says that to built an empire is hard but to ensure the longevity of the empire is even harder. Despite the proverb, Kok Thay managed to expand his father's empire from the hills of Malaysia to the island of Singapore. Now not only he could ensure the longevity of his father's empire but to let it keep walking beyond the borders of Malaysia.

Kevin Yeap said...

No one is perfect, we tend to lose at some point and gain at some point. But most importantly we have to "keep walking" is what being portrayed by Dato' Lee Chong Wei, our professional Malaysian badminton player who never gives up hope and continue to fight for the top spot.
Failure is not what pulls you down, giving up is.

Kevin Yeap

Shen2 said...

Leftenan Adnan
Adnan led a 42-strong platoon from the Malay Regiment in the defense of Singapore against the invading Japanese. The soldiers fought at the Battle of Pasir Panjang, at Pasir Panjang Ridge in the Bukit Chandu (Opium Hill) area on 12–14 February 1942. Although heavily outnumbered, Adnan refused to surrender and urged his men KEEP WALKING to fight until the end.

Richard Yee said...

Jimmy Choo, a well-known fashion designer who designs ladies' shoes, make them keep walking.

Richard Yee

cLi77 said...

Keep Walking. No one can keep walking without shoes and this remind me of Dato' Jimmy Choo. He is a Malaysian fashion designer based in London, United Kingdom. He is best known for founding Jimmy Choo Ltd that became known for its handmade women's shoes.

He made his first shoe when he was 11 years old. He worked part time in restaurants and at a shoe factory to make that extra buck to finance his studies. It was perhaps in 1986 when Choo began his career as a shoemaker when he started his workshop in Hackney in East London. From a small workshop to a premier brand, Jimmy's journey as a shoemaker has earned him not only name and fame but also a lot of awards. His work were admired and he has been credited globally for his art of designing. I think he possess the concept of keep walking and he leads everyone to keep walking by designing the shoes.

Clifford Chia

AhHer said...

Lim Heng Swee, the internationally recognized illustrator famed when his site exploded few months back bringing him the fame. Every piece of art he produced everyday; every single stroke he drew on the piece of the paper visualise a long long path which never ending and keep walking 365 days.

Anonymous said...

namewee. no matter how many times attacked by racist and politician, namewee never give up his music dream and keep walking towards his dream.

peggy-piggy said...

Bernard Chandran
His creations are drawn from Chinese, Malay, Indian and other eastern cultures. He regularly does shows around the world, although he does tailor his overseas ranges to be more daring than his range for Malaysia. Bernard believes in the importance of creativity, confidence and vision. "I believe in myself. If my heart feels right then I will KEEP WALKING and go with what it says"

peggy ng

seesiang said...

Namewee. no matter how many times attacked and criticism from racists and politician, namewee never give up and keep walking towards his music dream and sing for every malaysian.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, I think Dato Michelle Yeoh has epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking" very well.

She has been one of the most succesful female actress from Malaysia who expanded her acting industry all the way to the Hollywood. Dato Michelle Yeoh was also nominated as the Best Actress in BAFTA Film Award 2011 with her mature and develop acting skills.

Jordan Law!/profile.php?id=590038049

Anonymous said...

Namewee, in my opinion he epitomizes the meaning of "KEEP WALKING" because eventhough all of the "WORLD" against him, he still keep walking forward to chase his dream.


Anonymous said...

Jess Lee

As we know that she is a finalist and grand winner of the popular televised singing competition One Million Star (7th Season) in Taiwan. Other than that, she is the first Malaysian to win in the competition and broke the record of scoring the highest mark which is 30 four times consecutively in the final round. She puts a lot of effort and never give up on chasing her dream to become a well-known singer. Hence, I believe that she will be success in near future with the spirit of "KEEP WALKING".

Lai Yi Wen

Annna said...

Yasmin Ahmad. Her efforts to break down racial and cultural barriers and encourage us all to live as one even after her death is the essence of 'Keep Walking'.

Choy said...

Fantastic work! I should join next time.....looking forward!

Choy said...

Keep Walking remind me of PUA KHEIN-SENG, the pendrive founder who is also a Malaysian.Mr Pua Khein-Seng, the pride and proud of an Malaysian Entrepreneur.I felt proud for the moment when I was reading the articles that how Pua made his way up when he started his company (PHISON ELECTRONIC CORP) in Taiwan while he was only 27. I googled around and search for his profile and I came out to a very ironic information (which i do not know how true it was), that Pua was a rejected student from the local university, and even though his proposal of his USB flash memory (pendrive) was also rejected by Malaysian authorities, and he was force to stay back in Taiwan to start his invention. a Malaysian Entrepreneur which was not in MALAYSIA.

Lionel Cheong said...

My cousin Niki Cheong, is a writer, consultant and speaker on journalism and social media. He has dabbled in the performing arts since 1998, and has featured in such plays as A Flight Delayed, The Fastest Clock in the Universe, A Christmas Carol, The Swimming Instructor and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

He is a former journalist with Malaysia’s leading English daily, The Star, where he was Editor of the paper's youth platform R.AGE. He is most known as The Bangsar Boy, a reference to his fortnightly column he wrote for five years. Currently, Niki writes a column on social media called What The Tweet and featured monthly in Tale of Two Cities, both for The Star.

He was also one of the co-organisers for Twestival KL, and was Twestival Global's regional coordinator for Asia. Niki also frequently give talks on social media and journalism. He was one of the co-organisers for Twestival KL, and was Twestival Global's regional coordinator for Asia.

Niki has a BA Media Information, the final year of which was completed thanks to a scholarship from Curtin University of Technology in Australia. He then spent an extra year there working on his honours thesis titled New(s) Media and Democracy in Malaysia for his BA (Hons) Internet Studies.

He was also part of the R.AGE team to win the Malaysian AIDS Council’s Red Ribbon Award for Best Print Journalism in 2008. A year later, Niki was named on of August Man magazine’s Men of the Year and the Martell VSOP Media Personality of the Year. In 2010, Niki was the winner in the media category for the BLOG4FT competition in which he won a car. He was also named M2 Magazine’s Leading Men of 2010.

With his "Keep Walking" spirit, Niki Cheong is currently reading his MA Digital Culture and Society at King's College London, under the British Chevening Scholarship programme for 2011/2012. He is, without a doubt, a family member I look up to.

Lionel Cheong

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Choo definitely epitomizes the meaning of "Keep Walking". His craftsmanship and designs will not be noticeable and marked a record on the title of Malaysian fashion designer if he ever give up chasing for his dreams back in the early stage. Things happen for a reason, the attitude of Jimmy Choo has now put his brand at the international level.

Tina Lua!/profile.php?id=556253904

^liling said...

Tan Sri Anthony Francis Fernandes. He rose to prominence by turning AirAsia, a failing government-linked commercial airline, into a highly successful budget airline public-listed company. He introduced the first budget no-frills airline, AirAsia, to Malaysians with the tagline "Now everyone can fly"

With the tagline, now, all Malaysian can fly! Though, there are limited places to be traveled these days, but with the spirit of KEEP WALKING, i believe that he will bring us to a brand new stage where Everyone can be in Everywhere!

Hiew Li Ling

Anonymous said...

The person i think of Keep Walking is Dato Lee Chong Wei.

Every time when he facing Lin Dan as opponent, he still keep his cool and try his best to play against him. I can see that he trying his best to make Malaysian proud, but some of the Malaysian didnt appreciate and take it for granted. Those people didnt even provide any support and then start guessing or saying that "He will lose 100%".

But if you carefully watch the match he been playing, you can see that he improved and is trying his best to win.

Albert Loo

Jun said...

The one would be definitely our MCA President, Dr.Chuah.

He is the real man who never give up. He will be forever standing not matter what is happens.

I'm impress with his documentary which bringing out the spirit of "Keep Walking"!

MaRiLyN said...

Nicol Ann David (Nicol David), who is ranked world number one in women's squash. Her determination and hard work got her into who she is right now. If she have stopped trying after one of her defeats, she wouldn't have become number one. The spirit of never give up and keep walking is what made her number one in world ranking for women's squash.

w3iren said...

Jimmy Choo. He is born to a family of shoemakers and made his first shoes when he was 11 years old. Due to support his studies in london, he worked part time at restaurants and as a cleaner at a shoe factory to help fund his fee. His craftsmanship and designs were soon noticed and he came to the verge of international notability.
His keep walking spirit leads him to open a shoemaking instituate in malaysia now.

Au Wei Ren

ChrisLo said...

Keep walking in life for a difference, stop not to quit but to enjoy the current view of wonders that others have impacted, continue forth to make a difference, keep walking.

HNF said...

Dr.M simply because he's awesome and has done a lot for the country. Even the economic crisis in 1997 didn't bring him down. Strong as a rock, I wanna be just like him.That's all...

ChrisLo said...

I choose Tony Fernandes, because he makes people able to walk from msia to london possible...via... air asia :)

Yi Xiang said...

The fighting spirit of Aunty Ooi aka Aunty Bersih, or some call her "The lady of liberty" truly embodies the meaning of "keep walking". Aunty Ooi "kept walking" in peace, despite being shot by chemical water. Her actions reflect the very spirit of being a true Malaysian, walking to voice her concerns for inequality despite being majorly challenged. May her silhouette - with her hand outstretched, holding strands of white flowers - be an inspiration for us to "keep walking".

Yi Xiang Chong!/profile.php?id=1126331402

Edvin Tay said...

Lim Goh Thong

He brings Genting to international level which i think his perseverance and determination of "keep walking" bring out proud to be a Malaysian.

Kwan Yuan said...

Datuk Lee Chong Wei
He is a professional badminton player who was ranked first worldwide on 2008.. When he was small, his mother banned him from outdoor activity due to searing heat but he insisted to play and now his achievements motivate him to KEEP WALKING to win the title as the world number 1 badminton player!

Kwan Yuan

Kelly Soon said...

Amber Chia
She is not only a supermodel but also an actress and now her keep walking spirit leads her to open her own academy to train models.

Kelly Soon

Daniel Su said...

Zang Toi
He left his native Malaysia at very young age and moved to New york to pursue his studies in design field. He made me realize that physical appearance doesnt mean everything and he still able to create his own label which is recognized by the whole world. He epitomizes the Keep Walking!

Daniel Su

Ng Kia Yiau said...

Siti Nurhaliza.

born 11 January 1979 is a Malaysian singer, songwriter, record producer, television presenter and businesswoman. To date, she has garnered more than 200 local awards as well as international awards. She rose to fame as a multiple-platinum selling artist as well. She is the inspiration of me to KEEP WALKING.

Ng Kia Yiau

Vincent said...

Ning Baizura
She is a Malaysian Pop and R&B singer who can sing in many different languages. She became a recording artiste under various international labels such as Sony and BMG and she also performed in many countries before. She epitomizes the meaning of "keep walking" because at very young age, she achieved numerous of awards, from music industry to films and still producing new records.

Vincent Tan

Anonymous said...

I think Namewee epitomized "keep walking" he never give up in expressing his thoughts despite all the litigation charges. Every now and then, there will be new videos posted up in YouTube voicing out his thoughts over any issues. We as a youngsters should posses spirit like this in order to achieve our aim. KEEP WALKING!

Lee Pei Jie

Anonymous said...

Guang Liang epitomized KEEP WALKING. He started off singing in duo with Victor and now he even makes his own movie, producing new music, he makes us proud as a Malaysian. With music man like this,Malaysia has become a well known country all over the world. We have talented people here in Malaysia. He will "keep walking" with the passion he has, and bring us good music and movie. Always looking forward to his new "product"

Lee Si Hui

Anonymous said...

Danny Wan...
A local musician, his passion towards music, I can only use the phrase, KEEP WALKING, to describe. No matter what difficulties hes facing, he just don't know to stop.

Xin Yun

Jason Ng said...

Ah Niu

He epitomizes "keep walking" because his first film production cost him a lot money and bad feedbacks but he never give up, he still strive hard in his career.

Jason Ng!/profile.php?id=734247869

Tioh said...

"keep walking" reminds me of Mark Zukerberg. He is the founder of the famous social networking Facebook. He is a dedicated young man that go after his dream when he set it to go!

melaniehwa said...

My public figure is Tony Fernandes. This is because he is an esteemed entrepreneur and he has a brilliant mind. His contributions to Malaysia has made not only has made living better for all of us, he has made us all proud. Keep walking Tony.

chow shen said...

Tan Sri Dato Seri Lim Goh Tong i would choose,the reason is he start from nothing till what he got today.which really fulfill "keep walking" .

Anonymous said...

What and where is Genting Hingland without Tan Sri Dato Seri Lim Goh Tong? Imagine him telling people that he is going to turn a highland to be a resort with entertainment facilities back at the old days, people might laugh at his optimism but he did not give up. I think he truly epitomizes the spirit of "Keep Walking"!

Juvin Lee

Anonymous said...

Ning Baizura binti Sheikh Hamzah, as a Malaysian pop and R & B singer is not only well known in where she was born, Malaysia but also performed in the overseas such as UK, China, Korea and so on. She is also involves in musicals and films. Her great passion in singing also leads her to set up her own recording company, where it shows her persistence in doing things that she will love doing.

Ern Yee Law

Lam Miao Hui said...

Lim Goh Tong
He plays a important role in Malaysia. Without him, we wouldn't have what we having now, the Genting Highland. The reason why i think he deserves the epitomized "keep walking" is he received low level of education but he found this business opportunity and he didn't gave up after few failures.

Lam Miao Hui

Lim Yang Kai said...

The late Yasmin Ahmad, a film director, writer and scriptwriter, and was also the executive creative director at Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur. Her humour, heart and love that crosses cross-cultural barriers advertisement have won multiple awards both within Malaysia and internationally. Her films are highly controversial since they depict events and relationships seen as forbidden by social conservatives, especially hard-line interpretations of Islam; but still, she just KEEP WALKING to continue producing more and more quality work.

Remick said...

I would say Jimmy Choo? He's the man who put Malaysia on the world map, making shoes for the rich and famous "keep" them "walking"


Md.Abdul Aziz said...

She is not only Malayasian singer and pop singer as international. Also she is a grand winner.

Islamic Books and Articles

tanianicole said...

I would pick Michelle Yeoh, a ballerina, beauty queen, an all-action film star and the one and only Malaysian Bond girl. She epitomizes the meaning of "keep Walking" as she has brought herself to the red carpets of Hollywood and made Malaysia proud. Despite having her dreams shattered when she was a teen, she held her head high and kept on walking, all the way to fame.

Tania Sammy

cynthia said...

I would pick Deborah Henry.. As she represent Malaysia twice in miss Malaysia world & universe.. She make is Malaysian proud as she was in d top 16 for miss world.. D highest achievement since Lina teoh in year 1998... Not forgetting her humanitarian deeds she has been doing and creating awareness..