Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Killers - Day & Age

Congratulations to The Killers for their 4th album! The album, Day & Age released on this 24th November 2008.

  1. "Losing Touch" – 4:15
  2. "Human" – 4:09
  3. "Spaceman" – 4:44
  4. "Joy Ride" – 3:33
  5. "A Dustland Fairytale" – 3:45
  6. "This Is Your Life" – 3:41
  7. "I Can't Stay" – 3:06
  8. "Neon Tiger" – 3:05
  9. "The World We Live In" – 4:40
  10. "Goodnight, Travel Well" – 6:51

Back in 2004, a friend of mine introduced me The Killers' first album, Hot Fuss. It was really a nice album. that time they were still an indie band which their songs were hardly can be heard in radio. Everytime when The Killers release new album, I was wondering where is my friend now? Thanks a lot for introduced me this band. =)

Here's the song, "Human" which i think nice.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Happy Birthday to Cliffy and JS

We had a small surprise birthday celebration for cliffy last saturday. first, we just told him to go for dinner. after that we went a&w. he thought just for root beer float. haha, but turn out me, p and james sneaked out to take the cake. =p i hope the celebration was really out of his expectation, because... this cliffy, smart kid he is. but that day, his face showed that he was really surprised by us. *kekeke*

then we sang birthday song for him and we were super loud... he felt so shy there and keep looking around to check out whether any friends there anot... -_-"

the birthday boy
is making a wish

a customer of a&w took for us... james approached him while he was having his coney dog. muahaha... XD thanks alot to "u"..

and another birthday boy... JS!

Happy 21ST to yOU!!!!!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Rak Thai and Coffee Bean

The last week of my sem break, went mid valley with my mum. a happy day indeed.

Went Rak Thai for lunch. the food there.. err... well, just can say not my flavor.

the shop. it locates at the lower ground floor where u walk from mid valley to the gardens.

i ordered this. green curry with rice. omg, the green curry is so sux compare to My Elephant 1...
the dessert. mango and... the red 1 i duno what it call. but crunchy crunchy 1.. *edit* the red color 1 is chestnut. thanks to laywern! =D

and the drinks...lemon grass drink. it's included in the rice set... and it taste... YUCKS!

okay, this even worse. i've no idea what they put inside. I feel like vomiting everything out after eating this.
after that continue walking around, guess mum in good mood that day, bought few things for me.. teehee. XD after bought my things, mum also lazy to walk ady, so after 1 or 2 hours, went coffee bean for a cup of coffee and piece of cake till dad picked us up. i ordered... hmm duno what name d.. 3 layers bla? i love the top layer. hehe
and the people recommended me hazelnut coffee? forgot its name. but taste not bad.

thanks mum alot for the day! hehe.. love you to max.

*photos taken with handphone. sorry for the bad quality =)

Thursday, 13 November 2008

i'm back again!

sorry for neglected my blog for so long. hehe.. *lazy*

was busy for the past 2months.. exams examss and holidays. and i've missed so many outings + gatherings =(

i'm back to uni now! trimester 2 had just said 'hi' to me. it is just a short trimester which last for 8 weeks. argh. hope there is something good will happen to me this trimester. =]

recent addiction : cross stitch. lmao.

so what's cross stitch. click here for more info from wikipedia. :)

let's show you what i've done. hehe.

my favourite, dragonfly. will it replace the dragonfly that i've lost? perhaps no.
what you need before u start ur cross stitch? the basic three.

1. evenweave fabric
2. threads
3. needle
a picture of a little girl
half way.

she has pinky cheeks. just left face undone. =p
DONE! i spent 1 week on this... my left eye bit blurry each time i finished one color. haha.. i think it's because the evenweave fabric's holes are toooo small.

as you can see in the 2nd pic, it has another side which is a picture of a lovely couple. but now new trimester started.. i think i wont have much time for it. =(

i'm back and i'm back. take me out. =p definitely need more exercise. put on weight during holidays *sob*