Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Rak Thai and Coffee Bean

The last week of my sem break, went mid valley with my mum. a happy day indeed.

Went Rak Thai for lunch. the food there.. err... well, just can say not my flavor.

the shop. it locates at the lower ground floor where u walk from mid valley to the gardens.

i ordered this. green curry with rice. omg, the green curry is so sux compare to My Elephant 1...
the dessert. mango and... the red 1 i duno what it call. but crunchy crunchy 1.. *edit* the red color 1 is chestnut. thanks to laywern! =D

and the drinks...lemon grass drink. it's included in the rice set... and it taste... YUCKS!

okay, this even worse. i've no idea what they put inside. I feel like vomiting everything out after eating this.
after that continue walking around, guess mum in good mood that day, bought few things for me.. teehee. XD after bought my things, mum also lazy to walk ady, so after 1 or 2 hours, went coffee bean for a cup of coffee and piece of cake till dad picked us up. i ordered... hmm duno what name d.. 3 layers bla? i love the top layer. hehe
and the people recommended me hazelnut coffee? forgot its name. but taste not bad.

thanks mum alot for the day! hehe.. love you to max.

*photos taken with handphone. sorry for the bad quality =)

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Mi-lle said...

yintse if u like thai food, i highly recommend Actually Thai in Sunway pyramid..u will love it :D