Tuesday, 24 November 2009


: I don't know what title i should put.

: I have no idea when was the last time i updated my blog and not even bother to check the date. :)

: sam and nee are surprise to see me updating now. XD

: wanted to blog about SG trip but no time for it. maybe someday when i have the SG mood i will blog, haven't even blog about Shanghai trip. =X i'm lazy.

: previous SG trip was great. I the people i've met in SG. I the hostel which we our spent 3 nights there. I our lecturer who went with us, Mr. Bryan!

: My friends and I set up a new blog. Click to visit. more pieces are coming in!

: This sem is very busy! I hate Physical E!

* Monkey said i'm a typical engineering student because i don't know how to edit picture. and I did this. teehee. monkeyyyy. :P well, i know it's not something to shout about because my editing skill not very good. but I still love the product. :)

Happy 21st Birthday, monkey! :) we you :)))
picture taken @San Francisco Steakhouse, Midvalley.

nee and sam going to sit Solid State paper later. wish them luck! :D next tuesday is my turn :(