Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Urbanscapes 2010

heard bout Urbanscapes couple of years ago but I never been to the event before until this year. because of the wrong timing but this year timing was ok! i always wonder whats there in urbanscapes besides the bazaar and music performance.

woke up at 10-ish in the morning and do some daily routine like facebook and checking emails then get myself prepared. head to putrajaya sentral to take klia transit to bandar tasik selatan to meet up with the two girls, Sandra & Renee! the two girls who i went Urbanscapes with. :D then we took the tutt tutt KTM to Sentul. and we walked to Klpac from there! the best part was we crossed over a 4 lanes railway tracks while one train was coming towards us.

we walked and walked and walked then we reached here! XD

food bazaar

We met Beng Han there but he left earlier than us.

Beng Han & Sandra

look what are they holding! =P

Renee & Beng Han

Beng Han & me

and we went to get some food as i was damnnnn fungry that time!

and then.. ta-da! sandra is the lai ma whoooo!

Picnic time! :D

i saw a helium balloon very near to where we were having picnic so i took the balloon over and take pic :P helium balloons


the angkat rumah's "rumah"

cool! i like the yellow... hmm. wad do you call that?

sandra's friend, Joshua is recording some videos. :D

Renee and friends. That's Amanda Choe! pretty and hot!

Great meeting Sandra, Renee, Benghan and some new faces! im one tone darker. the sun light makes the photos look awesome :D and i will definitely wear shorts and flip flops to there next time. lesson learned!

Saturday, 26 June 2010

catching up with sook hui and tj :)

got a call from sook hui on sunday morning and we set 2pm for lunch! hehe. after accompany mum to jusco to buy her shoes and they sent me to Pizza Italia to meet with sook hui and tj! they are just so lovely! tj shares with us a lot useful tips. i love sook hui's watch, alot! *random*

we enjoyed ourselves there. we talked and laughed like there are no anybody else sitting in the restaurant. nice catching up session with the girls. will be hanging out again after sook hui traveled back from melbourne! woots!

i love this photo!me and sook hui in red and the wall is pink! ❤

anyone going urbanscapes tomorrow? i am! it's my first time going to urbanscapes!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

You can pro in drawing too! :P

Do you know you can easily be a pro in drawing too? XD

Can you draw this? it's not hard for people who are good in drawing but for people like me, who aint good in drawing (actually is totally a noob in drawing), definitely need this thing! hehe!

Went to ikano last week and dropped by mum's friend's daughter stall. She sells alot cute stuff. Do you know the music box? you can customise it urself. choose the song you want, put in a wooden box (or plastic) then decorate the box and it's yours! she's the one who selling it! oh back to the painting stuff. This is it! Paint according to the numbers. It comes with the water colors, brushes, palette and the canvas. On the canvas, it has numericals and alphabeticals which make life easier! :P

I'm so surprised to receive this from her. Her husband saw me eyeing at this when i was at their stall. Then, she passed to her mum and her mum took to my house and passed it to me on sunday morning, right before i back to cyber. how nice! Thankssssssss! will start playing it very soon! :D

Interesting? Get one for yourself too! =D anyone who interested, ask me for details. :D


I am officially a Delta student in MMU now! ahhh shit, sound so old! another 6 trimesters to go. so lonnnng! gonna be a damn busy trimester. :( taking 6 subjects, i hope it's not a wrong choice to drop Java and take Multimedia Technology and Application.

Hopefully the trimester goes well. *fingers crossed*

oh yea. so many new faces around the campus. the freshies freshies and those who transfered from malacca campus. welcome and good luck.

-another 3 weeks till mel back Malaysia!!!!!!!!! for 3 days.... =S but it's okay, i hope we have a great time when he's back for the 3 days!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

How to resist?

not mine. belong to my brother. want to have one so badlyyyyy :(

a creature which will bond to humans

a pair of cute little eyes

can bring him out to anywhere!


Happy Birthday to Ah lok lok

Happy 21st BIRTHDAY to you MR LOK! =)

thanks to kei who introduced such a nice friend to me last time :)

i still remember how 4 of us know each other things last time when we were not so close. funny but cute. hehehe XD

and get to play with this 2 super cute n funny girls. yiwen and ll.

happy 21st birthdayyyy! and didnt get to see you GG that night! too baddddd! haha but never mind as long as u had fun and received two super nice cards. :P heh heh!

p/s: one day, i must see you gg again. :)) keke.

h.a.p.p.y b.i.r.t.h.d.a.y!