Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Urbanscapes 2010

heard bout Urbanscapes couple of years ago but I never been to the event before until this year. because of the wrong timing but this year timing was ok! i always wonder whats there in urbanscapes besides the bazaar and music performance.

woke up at 10-ish in the morning and do some daily routine like facebook and checking emails then get myself prepared. head to putrajaya sentral to take klia transit to bandar tasik selatan to meet up with the two girls, Sandra & Renee! the two girls who i went Urbanscapes with. :D then we took the tutt tutt KTM to Sentul. and we walked to Klpac from there! the best part was we crossed over a 4 lanes railway tracks while one train was coming towards us.

we walked and walked and walked then we reached here! XD

food bazaar

We met Beng Han there but he left earlier than us.

Beng Han & Sandra

look what are they holding! =P

Renee & Beng Han

Beng Han & me

and we went to get some food as i was damnnnn fungry that time!

and then.. ta-da! sandra is the lai ma whoooo!

Picnic time! :D

i saw a helium balloon very near to where we were having picnic so i took the balloon over and take pic :P helium balloons


the angkat rumah's "rumah"

cool! i like the yellow... hmm. wad do you call that?

sandra's friend, Joshua is recording some videos. :D

Renee and friends. That's Amanda Choe! pretty and hot!

Great meeting Sandra, Renee, Benghan and some new faces! im one tone darker. the sun light makes the photos look awesome :D and i will definitely wear shorts and flip flops to there next time. lesson learned!

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