Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I got my first flannel! =)) heh! spotted too many nice stuff today! *struggle*

went Sushi Tei because i was craving for some salmons. hehe.

my salmon riceeee!

unagi don

scallop rice

and ... i don't know about this. but the prawns look seriously nice.

Soft shell crab handroll *weeeeeeee*

salmon ikura

pictures credit to XM. taken using iphone4.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Popeye the sailor man!

Finally we went sailing. Finally we went Port Dickson to visit Alvin after planned for approx 3 years? i just remember we had this sailing plan since our Foundation year in MMU. =D

we spent one night at PD, at the beach house. =)

we went sailing on the first evening and the second day's afternoon. from 12pm to 4.30pm! that explains why i look so dark now.

Let's see the preparation which has to be made before we could even go out to the sea.

The sails. hah! but we're not using this.

Instead, we're using this.


After *yays*

Next, boat!

Choosing engine like choosing girlfriend. picky as usual.

After setting up the two boats, we're ready to go! out to the sea :D

Ouh 1 more thing, national sailor said "safety first". The life jackets are compulsory. lalala!

Ok. Let's go!

Alvin gave each of us a short sailing lesson before he let us try.

Cute ice!

Capsized! (turn turtle!)

My turn =p yes, im afraid yet the sailor so relax sitting there. huhu~

Turned turtle too!
Everyone turned turtle! but I don't have pictures of gs, andy and kok weng turned turtle tho they turned few times hehe!

The expert =D

Next, boating!

Back to the beach house after that to clean up and dinner. then we enjoyed the sunset together =)

But i hate the sand flies! Attacked by the sand flies when we were there but I'm the only one has problem with the bites. Itchy for 1 whole week then I went for injection.  the scars are still so obvious on my both arms and legs even though almost one month already. Evil sand flies! prays hard for the scars to disappear as soon as possible because they're UGLY.

tomorrow will be a better day =)