Saturday, 30 August 2008

U-maiya blup blup

sorry for the lack updates... arrghhh.. test test test... non stop! just finished two papers. next will be assignment assignment assignment.. woah. hate!

last friday, jason a.k.a smashpop invited to go U-maiya for japanese cuisine! first of all, big big thank you to u guys : pOp , Simonso and Wai seng! thanks pOp for inviting, thanks simonso because he knows the boss there and invited jason and jason invited us. =D and thanks waiseng for picking me up! *hugs*

we reached there around 7.30pm. There was some events upstairs by Omega, Vmag and hsbc. but we were sitting downstairs. The interior of Umai-ya was nice! i like its ambience... quiet. hehe.

so.. Umai-ya! a restaurant located in Uptown Damansara.

gawdd. i love the interior! so japanese style! =D

The FOOD! *drum rolls* control yourself from drooling kay? *kekeke* (click the photos to enlarge for a better view of the fooooood)

firstly, baby octopus saladdd! u have no idea how much i love baby octopusss! *dance*

Sashimi Moriawase... fresh and thick O.O 4 types of them. i miss this so much! delicious delicious! leaf for deco.

and then we have makimono

Next, Nigiri sushi!
so nice and we cant resist of taking it to pose for cameras. =D
do you spot something gold on top of the sushi-s? yeah it's gold flakes! *cheers* it's crunchy. =D
and ta-da, everyone's favourite - half shell scallops. the sauce is so wonderful~~ a must try dish! must ok if you visit Umai-ya!

Tempura Moriawase. dip it with the sauce which at the bottom of the picture.. but the sauce is a bit bitter. is it? but, their tempura is not oily.

NExt, Jason's favourite. the soup which made him wanna go inside and swim!.... Gindara Mushi. Cod Fish with tofu. the cod fish is so fresh & tasty.

the tofu is so smooth and without the weird smell. White Tofu always have a weird weird smell right? which make me feel like vomiting sometimes. but this one... *thumbs up* at least, i didnt need to swallow it straight away after i put it in my mouth.

Did i mentioned the soup is sooo nice? we finished it reallll slow and enjoy it to the max!

yam senggg!
Jason finished it and watching Bryan enjoying his soup with green. haha!

*gulp gulp* so full..... stomach was bloated with all these delicious foooood XD

so who went?

(left to right) : Bryan, me, KK the Umai-ya boss!, Jason, Jamie, Angie, Jeannie, Simonso, Wai Seng
wai seng, jamie, angie, jeannie, me and simonso

Bryan, Wai Seng, me, Jason (same table)
the guys of the night

table hopping =D and also girls of the night
simonso and wai seng. nice new haitstyle simon!

us again

camwhore with jamie, the pretty and young lady! XD XD
in front of the shop
*drools* jason's gear
Visit their blogs for more pictures! thanks jason, wai seng, simon and jamie for the photoss!

blup-blup. WAIT! start from tomorrow, 1st september - 30th september 2008, get 10% discount on all ala carte when u visit Umai-ya. just mention BLUP BLUP UMAI-YA and you will get the discount. how easy right?
Terms and Conditions Apply.

Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant (Uptown branch)
No 49G,Jalan 21/37 ,Damansara Utama.
TEL: 03 77264410

Friday, 22 August 2008

a 'guest' of my bathroom

2 days ago, when i woke up.. as my daily routine... 1st thing i will do is --> clean up myself. while i was showering, i saw something at the bottom of my bathroom's wooden door. i thought my eyes blurred (cos just woke up right...) then i turned my eyes to that part again... and it was a... mushroom look alike thingy???!! it was soooo small! but then until today, the 3rd day is already become like this!

really no idea why this thing will appear.

what do u think about it?
p/s: it's not my hometown house. it's in the house where im staying for study purpose. things getting older in this house... *uek* sorry for the bad quality photos. taken using HP.

pp/s: sorry for lack updates... things are getting busy and out of control. *sigh*

Monday, 18 August 2008

I love!

=new addiction=

is it new? nah... addicted few months ago.. what is it? Cuppacakes by +wondermilk! damn cute weh!!!

rose cuppacakes

red blossom cuppacakes [love the combination]

pictures taken from their official site... =)

I w-a-n-t.... =(

The shop is located at
cuppacakes® by +wondermilk shop & cafe
no.41, ss21/1A, damansara uptown,
damansara utama, 47400 petaling jaya

opening hours:

mon-sat 9am to 8pm
sun 12pm to 8pm
closed on public holidays

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Olympic fever... FuWa feverrrr

now everyone is talking about Olympic.. in class can hear "olympic olympic, chong wei 1st gold etc etc", msn too... personal messages filled with "olympic or badminton final".. haha. but for me... i love the olympic mascotss~~~~~ Fu Wa (福娃).

Specially thanks to 陈婷(chen ting) from shanghai for airmailed me the olympic mascots last year! She's sooooo kind! who is she? she's my bro's 8-years net friend from china. She knew i love the FuWa alot! tee hee, thanks chen ting sis! i'm gonna meet up with her s-o-o-n.. hehe..excited! and i gonna get something special for her... anyone any idea? this really made me and my bro scratch our heads because we have really no idea Malaysia got any special things can buy for her. baju kebaya? please do me a favour, would you? T___T

the packageall squeezing in a box. XD
these are the pics of olympic mascots...



Dance Arena by Taylors Dance Club

came back from Dance Arena presented by Taylors Dance Club. Had my field theory test from 8-9pm, after that straight rush to Sunway.. and i took around half hour to search where is the campus because Mr Wai Seng gave me a very nice direction. Lol.. When we reached there... i can hear "and the champion is........" me and shaynee straight away faint. haha! but then we went in too..

here is the po
Dj Patrick Oliver, the resident DJ from Euphoria powered by Ministry of Sound came. he looks much more handsome in real person.

after that we went to Asian Cafe for yam cha session.

Thanks Sandra for inviting and the ticket!!! thanks alot alot! u look so yeng today with all your gears! XD
Thanks waiseng for giving direction. hahah! and let me moles your "gf". XD
Nice to meet karena and gary again!
and nice meeting yung chien and another guy(forgotten what name) too. :)

Thursday, 14 August 2008

I miss him... loads...

Just came back from KLIA... yet the feeling still here.. I miss him loads..

Keep looking at the photos we taken just now. you still look cute and funny as usual. and you look so smart today. I couldn't control my tears from dropping down...but i have to act like i'm okay as i'm in living room and other 3 housemates are here with me... i really miss you alot, yixiang.. you don't even know when will you be coming back... i miss the time when u scold me "si bak yim"...... when i can listen it again?

I never expect that I am the first one to cry out when you gave us hugs.

Waiting for your arrival message. We are proud of you, Bank Negara Scholar!

Will write more about this soon. Field theory test is just tomorrow. and i still have a lot more to cover. =(


Monday, 11 August 2008

Safe Journey To Sweden Bro!

tomorrow brother will be leaving to Sweden for student exchange.. His flight is in Singapore and i couldnt make it to the airport... stupid test on tuesday... >.<

Hope you have a safe journey to Sweden and enjoy your 1 semester there. Do online and update your blog and flickr often please. I've learned a lot from you and i'll continue learning from you as usual. Thanks for lending me your hands when i need help. You're always good in computers and photography while i'm the one who stupid in that. Tell me how Sweden looks like after 5 months! =)

I'll always miss you. Take good care. and love you. =D

Sunday, 10 August 2008

i love heels/shoes

yay~ eldest bro back today... finally~~~~ i've waited for my heels for erm... 4 days!!!

i love the heels of this pairs.
i love the colors of this pairs. look sweet. hehe.

i LOVE shoessssssssssss..................

ok, im going to summarize what i wanna post.

just came back from yixiang's farewell... it was pretty nice. A LOT people went. read again. A LOT! i will write bout it soon! =) yixiang, if u're reading this. i just wanna tell you that... we love you so much.. i will write again. maybe check my blog again when u're in US okay... love you.

today is my dad n mum's 30th anniversary dinner. we went Regent Restaurant. i'm so disappointed that my second brother couldn't make it. Sigh~ and yea, my eldest bro, 3rd bro and me bought Lemon Cheese Cake from secret recipe. it was not bad. hehe. will post it soon too! haha. alot need to posttttt!!!!

lastly, wai seng. tomorrow is your convo day! Congratulations~~~~~~ wish you all the best in your future!hope you do enjoy your convo!

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Live Blogging from Foodtiam, Seremban 2

haha... someone came from KL.. and guess who? but he doesn't let me to reveal =(

and someone is emo there and don't wanna share with me... *sigh sigh* haha. but never mind la.. hope you're okay after your seremban trip. *twraaallala*

so post the drinks we ordered.

my drinks... Foodtiam enrich choc
and emo people's drinks... watermelon tomato lemon juice? i don't know what's this...

Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Dine in Dae Jang Gum

on 23/7/08, i asked along my housemates to go Puchong for dinner as we never been there for dinner before and i heard there are alot of nice restaurants in Bandar Puteri, Puchong.wheets~ people told me shabu shabu in puchong nice but other shabu shabu gave bad impressions to my housemates and they're kinda reluctant to try out the puchong branch. haha. my roomie loves korean food... so we decided to dine in Dae Jang Gum.

The interior
Soju (korean liquors?)

the food i ordered (forgot what its name) and some side dishes
i love this. ikan bilis with peanuts
this is the kimchi... if you love korean food, u would hav love this too... too bad, i don like korean food... so.. u know.
we cheers~
i rate it as 3/10... as i said i don't really like korean food... i prefer japanese food. haha! so if you wan to bring me out for dinner, know which to choose? XD XD

The address for this outlet
15 Jalan 1/4, Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor