Saturday, 2 August 2008


yes, you read it right... my midterm break just started. back to my hometown! it's a-week-long holiday... but i got two tests next week... like wtf right? holiday = no holiday d la!!!!! have to do revision... but i hardly can study once back to my home. how lar?

something like going too fast for me... first time encounter this kind of situation. i don't know what am i doing and i don't know whether i will feel regret after that. everything is like so-not-sure... i need a confirm answer but no one can give meeeee! *scream* i predicted things will turn out the way i'm not desire of yet im still banging my head towards it.

many things to do during this holiday! but now, i spend one whole night sitting in front of my laptop doing nothing. i have 2 more birthday posts to write, i need to plan for my coming holidayssss during end of october and november~ yay~~ excited!

tests are assignments due date coming! *mad*

i miss secret recipe chocolate brownies so much.... normally i wont order their brownies but that day my bestie introduced to me. thanks ya!

so tempting! *slurrrrrp*

and yea... thanks to miss dai kei alot for the cendol take away! woo hoo! i was sleeping half way this afternoon n dai kei msg me. *tralalala* i have free cendol delivery! damn touch wei... thank you so so so so so much!!!!!! u know why i love her so much now? xoxoxo!

P/S: wai seng!! u put so many TGIF pics up to ur blog and i keep thinking of it now already!!! *knives prepared*

Coming up next : Surprise birthday party by housemates and friends


Lee said...

i dunno u love me so much. lol
eh, can u update ublog more frequent a?

My Profile said...

lol.. plan well yea.. electronic test is right after the holiday.. haha...

happie holiday!!

-waiseng- said...

u prepare knife to cut chicken chop? :D

reddishTea said...

no... to cucuk u. hahaha! =p