Monday, 4 August 2008

Here come the 3rd one =D

sorry peeps... i know i'm slow... so what i got on 22nd July? Ans : Engin math 1 test from8pm-9pm and?
everyone busy doing tutorial questions.. after my test, my roomie ask me to go Padi for dinner as we went for the test in empty stomach. only both of us because she said shaynee wasn't free. during our dinner, she got so many sms and calls but i never suspect anything as i was sooo hungry. after that went back to our condo, i saw someone's car down there but i never bother much bcos there is a mamak for yam cha. and my roomie,sam called her dearest that she reached and her dearest at our unit already? like "huh" right? then i start suspected something. haha.. until i reached my unit, i saw so many pairs of shoes and i recognized the 'converse' shoes. i was like "why lar this shoes so familiar 1.." but i knew the answer b4 i opened the door. tralalaa! the house was in dim light, my favourite! then i saw so many unexpected people appeared in the house! first one, gs. second one, ting le came too?!??!? and 3rd, eddy came too! i saw so many candles on the floor!! hehe, and i knew why my roomie persuaded me to Padi for dinner already *winks*. haha! never expect shaynee planned so many things out! really a big big big applause to u!

i know you started to feel bored reading my story, but i'm damn happy with it and i never forget yaahaa!

the candles... can you read it? it's "<3 SU HAPPY BDAY"

and this is me with it.. kinda big right? xiao mei spent 1 hour ++ doing it until she sweats alot!hehe, thank alot for ur hard work!
and this is my cake!how many years i passed by birthday without cakes? too many years... forgot. it's oreo cheese cake from secret recipe. they said they used many ways to trick me for telling what cake i like.

they sang birthday song for me.. yay~ gs sang too... unpredictable. haha!

after that my roomie came out from room with a small bouquet of flowers.. she D.I.Y herself weyyyyy...... soooo nice! she said that she remembered i told her before i wish to receive flowers during my birthday and she knows i dont have a bf so she d.i.y one for me... did i? haha, i forgot i told her that. hehe, so damn happy.

after that we chit chatted and played a game introduced by xiao mei but due to too many people. we failed to play it because many of them don't believe her game. haha. pity.

around 1.30am everyone left and we cleaned up the house. the floor with wax is so difficult to clean! and when i was mopping the floor, someone texted me and my hp in room so i ran there to get it and guess what? i fell down! damn clumsy! and my leg... lebam till now =( then, someone rang up to ask me open the door and passed me my present. hehe! thanks yaaa!i like it. after that 4 of us chatted in the house, it was like 3am ok and we don't feel like sleeping at all. they told me the process they prepared this for me. i was like "OMG".... they said that i'm very sensitive so it's very difficult to plan all these without my knowledge.. wheeee~ =p another thing which surprised me was almost all my friends knew they were doing this including sze shee! i keep "woahhh" non stop when they told me the process. haha!

okay, stop with the story, the rest story i will keep in my heart always....

thanks shaynee for plannin all theseeeeeee and the necklace, i knew you did alot! really thanks alot! i wanna give u a oscar trophy ady. hahaha...
thanks sam for helping shaynee's plan if not i wont be having such memoriable bday party! and ask people to sign the cards... i'm still waiting to see the cards.. lol.. XD XD XD *impatient* and and the d.i.y flowers!
thanks xiao mei for lightning the candles, card and soup! i know it's difficult to build the words by candles.
thanks su lin and jessica for comin up with the candles plan! too bad u gals havin meeting that night :(
thanks gs, ting le, eddy, andy, eng siang, henry and others who helped for this!! i appreciate alot alot~ thankssssss from my heart.

alas, i love my housemates! hehe... heart them alot!!! thanks for what you gals did for me. i know a "thank you" isn't enough.. if there is a word i can describe.. that's definitely the word i will use. =)


my pressies from mmu friends(except that ipod shuffle) hehe thanks alottt... i love handmade things! thanks ming for the handmade card too! the ت is nice!

a long post again. tee heee XD so what i got onagain? you already know it now. =)

Coming up next : The 4th one =D what's inside the box?

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wow.. ur party is like so so fun.. anyone would have wish for that.. haha