Saturday, 16 August 2008

Dance Arena by Taylors Dance Club

came back from Dance Arena presented by Taylors Dance Club. Had my field theory test from 8-9pm, after that straight rush to Sunway.. and i took around half hour to search where is the campus because Mr Wai Seng gave me a very nice direction. Lol.. When we reached there... i can hear "and the champion is........" me and shaynee straight away faint. haha! but then we went in too..

here is the po
Dj Patrick Oliver, the resident DJ from Euphoria powered by Ministry of Sound came. he looks much more handsome in real person.

after that we went to Asian Cafe for yam cha session.

Thanks Sandra for inviting and the ticket!!! thanks alot alot! u look so yeng today with all your gears! XD
Thanks waiseng for giving direction. hahah! and let me moles your "gf". XD
Nice to meet karena and gary again!
and nice meeting yung chien and another guy(forgotten what name) too. :)

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