Saturday, 16 August 2008

Olympic fever... FuWa feverrrr

now everyone is talking about Olympic.. in class can hear "olympic olympic, chong wei 1st gold etc etc", msn too... personal messages filled with "olympic or badminton final".. haha. but for me... i love the olympic mascotss~~~~~ Fu Wa (福娃).

Specially thanks to 陈婷(chen ting) from shanghai for airmailed me the olympic mascots last year! She's sooooo kind! who is she? she's my bro's 8-years net friend from china. She knew i love the FuWa alot! tee hee, thanks chen ting sis! i'm gonna meet up with her s-o-o-n.. hehe..excited! and i gonna get something special for her... anyone any idea? this really made me and my bro scratch our heads because we have really no idea Malaysia got any special things can buy for her. baju kebaya? please do me a favour, would you? T___T

the packageall squeezing in a box. XD
these are the pics of olympic mascots...




penny stock list said...

im here because of few cents for you. just dropping by.

pcso lotto results said...

Baw, kasagad-sagad sa iya ubra blog!

Lee said...

yoh!!!! so cuteeee!

ruth tan said...

wah nice u got all the mascots !!!
somehow ur cbox is not loadin on my page :(

My Profile said...

yorrr... i wan!!!

so good mia ur bro's fren..

erm.. give her...
dunno wad also.. haha..
give her durian..=p

now i only realized that malaysia really dun have any significant figure... =.=

-waiseng- said...

I wan red kaler 1. :D

reddishTea said...

lee p, haha, u got the cute phone charm too!

ruth, huh? my cbox not working again? so sorry for that. hehe yea, the mascots are cute!

henry, yeala, i really duno what to buy for her beside baju kebaya. sigh!

waiseng, no prob. i go buy one pirate 1 for you. this one original 1 i keep k? hehehe