Saturday, 30 August 2008

U-maiya blup blup

sorry for the lack updates... arrghhh.. test test test... non stop! just finished two papers. next will be assignment assignment assignment.. woah. hate!

last friday, jason a.k.a smashpop invited to go U-maiya for japanese cuisine! first of all, big big thank you to u guys : pOp , Simonso and Wai seng! thanks pOp for inviting, thanks simonso because he knows the boss there and invited jason and jason invited us. =D and thanks waiseng for picking me up! *hugs*

we reached there around 7.30pm. There was some events upstairs by Omega, Vmag and hsbc. but we were sitting downstairs. The interior of Umai-ya was nice! i like its ambience... quiet. hehe.

so.. Umai-ya! a restaurant located in Uptown Damansara.

gawdd. i love the interior! so japanese style! =D

The FOOD! *drum rolls* control yourself from drooling kay? *kekeke* (click the photos to enlarge for a better view of the fooooood)

firstly, baby octopus saladdd! u have no idea how much i love baby octopusss! *dance*

Sashimi Moriawase... fresh and thick O.O 4 types of them. i miss this so much! delicious delicious! leaf for deco.

and then we have makimono

Next, Nigiri sushi!
so nice and we cant resist of taking it to pose for cameras. =D
do you spot something gold on top of the sushi-s? yeah it's gold flakes! *cheers* it's crunchy. =D
and ta-da, everyone's favourite - half shell scallops. the sauce is so wonderful~~ a must try dish! must ok if you visit Umai-ya!

Tempura Moriawase. dip it with the sauce which at the bottom of the picture.. but the sauce is a bit bitter. is it? but, their tempura is not oily.

NExt, Jason's favourite. the soup which made him wanna go inside and swim!.... Gindara Mushi. Cod Fish with tofu. the cod fish is so fresh & tasty.

the tofu is so smooth and without the weird smell. White Tofu always have a weird weird smell right? which make me feel like vomiting sometimes. but this one... *thumbs up* at least, i didnt need to swallow it straight away after i put it in my mouth.

Did i mentioned the soup is sooo nice? we finished it reallll slow and enjoy it to the max!

yam senggg!
Jason finished it and watching Bryan enjoying his soup with green. haha!

*gulp gulp* so full..... stomach was bloated with all these delicious foooood XD

so who went?

(left to right) : Bryan, me, KK the Umai-ya boss!, Jason, Jamie, Angie, Jeannie, Simonso, Wai Seng
wai seng, jamie, angie, jeannie, me and simonso

Bryan, Wai Seng, me, Jason (same table)
the guys of the night

table hopping =D and also girls of the night
simonso and wai seng. nice new haitstyle simon!

us again

camwhore with jamie, the pretty and young lady! XD XD
in front of the shop
*drools* jason's gear
Visit their blogs for more pictures! thanks jason, wai seng, simon and jamie for the photoss!

blup-blup. WAIT! start from tomorrow, 1st september - 30th september 2008, get 10% discount on all ala carte when u visit Umai-ya. just mention BLUP BLUP UMAI-YA and you will get the discount. how easy right?
Terms and Conditions Apply.

Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant (Uptown branch)
No 49G,Jalan 21/37 ,Damansara Utama.
TEL: 03 77264410

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