Tuesday, 5 August 2008

The 4th one in Seremban on 26th July

yeap, here comes to the last celebration of my birthday. teeheee =D it's so boring at home and im so reluctant to do revision... wasting time at home. i hope i can clear the pending posts soon. hehehe.

so i back to my hometown for weekend break last week. on saturday, yixiang called for secret recipe for tea time treat. me and kei went.. before we went walk around in jusco cos so long never meet already so got alot to talk bout. hehehe.

so at night around 8.30pm, lok,xm, kei asked me out. yay~~ lok so good, still remember i wan to try Royal Bintang's cakes. thanks thanks!! hehehe =) we went hawaii for dinner... chit chat take pictures.. lok, xm and kei are funny ppl and nice to talk with. then after dinner, lok asked the waitress to take the cake out.. b4 that he lied me never buy cake for me. sei jai. hehe. there was a kid's bday too at the next table.. people finished sing bday song, finished the whole cake d we also haven start sing bday song... why? because take pictures. hahaha! =p it was my first time take photos with lok and xm.

cheese cake from RoyalBintang hotel *thanks thankssss*group photo... still look happy when lok going to poke me with a plastic knife... of cos lar, somehow, it's still a plastic *winks*

sa kei and me *yay i always love her* muahahah XD

xm and me *he looks funny, i like his shirt!*

lok and me.. *he's funny and cute. hahaha*

both of them are best friend too! many funny things happened before 4 of us knew each other. hehehe.i wanna thank them! *drumrolls*


XMdo u notice something in common? hahaha. i didnt ask them to pose like this... but what a coincidence!

so from the previous post... what's in the box???
A custom made necklace from taiwan! woo hoo i love it so damn much! she does remember what i told her long long long time ago while i forgot i've told her such thing again. she used many ways to get this. hehe. THANK YOU DAI KEI! and im so excited when opening the present, and of cos she excited wif me too, that time we were in car and she was driving. wahahha. both laugh like mad gals. i'm happy to have such a good and cheerful girl as my bestie/listener/partner to hang out with and whatsoever.. i love sharing things with her. i learned alot from her. she's the only girl i can share whatever things with. may our friendship never fade. i love ya till death! hahaha.

thanks mr andrew for editing =D
i love this photo! taken by xm's phone, edited by kei. Friendship forever =)


little prince said...

happy birthday!~

Anonymous said...

Passing by~~

andrew said...

lol!! soweee!!! hehehe

reddishTea said...

little prince:


hehehheh, nvm. bring me to bbq chicken restaurant... =p haha..