Sunday, 10 August 2008

i love heels/shoes

yay~ eldest bro back today... finally~~~~ i've waited for my heels for erm... 4 days!!!

i love the heels of this pairs.
i love the colors of this pairs. look sweet. hehe.

i LOVE shoessssssssssss..................

ok, im going to summarize what i wanna post.

just came back from yixiang's farewell... it was pretty nice. A LOT people went. read again. A LOT! i will write bout it soon! =) yixiang, if u're reading this. i just wanna tell you that... we love you so much.. i will write again. maybe check my blog again when u're in US okay... love you.

today is my dad n mum's 30th anniversary dinner. we went Regent Restaurant. i'm so disappointed that my second brother couldn't make it. Sigh~ and yea, my eldest bro, 3rd bro and me bought Lemon Cheese Cake from secret recipe. it was not bad. hehe. will post it soon too! haha. alot need to posttttt!!!!

lastly, wai seng. tomorrow is your convo day! Congratulations~~~~~~ wish you all the best in your future!hope you do enjoy your convo!


M'eLLe said...

hais... i love shoes too!!!
especially heels!!! haha
but cant find size... lets go shoe shopping!!!
btw, why cant leave message at ur cbox?

reddishTea said...

hey!! really no idea y u cant leave message at my cbox lar.. heheh i damn lovee shoes! where are u? long time nv heard from uuuuu!!!!