Monday, 11 August 2008

Safe Journey To Sweden Bro!

tomorrow brother will be leaving to Sweden for student exchange.. His flight is in Singapore and i couldnt make it to the airport... stupid test on tuesday... >.<

Hope you have a safe journey to Sweden and enjoy your 1 semester there. Do online and update your blog and flickr often please. I've learned a lot from you and i'll continue learning from you as usual. Thanks for lending me your hands when i need help. You're always good in computers and photography while i'm the one who stupid in that. Tell me how Sweden looks like after 5 months! =)

I'll always miss you. Take good care. and love you. =D


My Profile said...

LOL.. wow.. how old is ur bro?

u both must be very good bro and sis.. hahha...

hueyMay said...

byebye a hui..