Thursday, 14 August 2008

I miss him... loads...

Just came back from KLIA... yet the feeling still here.. I miss him loads..

Keep looking at the photos we taken just now. you still look cute and funny as usual. and you look so smart today. I couldn't control my tears from dropping down...but i have to act like i'm okay as i'm in living room and other 3 housemates are here with me... i really miss you alot, yixiang.. you don't even know when will you be coming back... i miss the time when u scold me "si bak yim"...... when i can listen it again?

I never expect that I am the first one to cry out when you gave us hugs.

Waiting for your arrival message. We are proud of you, Bank Negara Scholar!

Will write more about this soon. Field theory test is just tomorrow. and i still have a lot more to cover. =(



Andrew said...

terharu nyer dia!! lOL

reddishTea said...

hahaha... yea he did terharu! keke.

gianne said...

he's so lucky to have friends like you =)