Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Garbage - I Think I'm Paranoid

feel like wanna listen to this song all of a sudden. it just popped up like that minutes ago. so would like to share here. =)

final exam started today.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Puchong Bak Kut Teh

It's thursday! stress stress stress..

final exam in less than a week. 6 tests in 2 weeks. 4 heavy subjects. that's a lot. for me. :(

came back cyber on tuesday because I find it difficult to do revision in Seremban even though I didn't go anywhere during the weekends. not even Jusco. oh yea, but mum brought me to Chambers, a western restaurant in Seremban 2 for dinner. I suggested italian food initially but she doesn't like italian cuisines. Chambers is nice, great ambience and nice food. and and had a nice bbq session at flag's house! yy,lok and xm are bbq pro. lok's dad prepared the chicken wings for us. they're superb. delicious. =D

Exam period -> sit here whole day, facing my laptop, facebook, eat notes.

On a random day, I wanted to try the famous Yong Tau Fu in Puchong. Had breakfast with parents and Quah's mum on tuesday morning and his mum told us that the yong tau fu quite nice. so decided to go there for a try. who knows when we reached there, both yong tau fu stalls still not open yet. -___________- We had no choice and went to the bak kut teh which is located not far from the yong tau fu.

It was my second visit to Yap Chuan (Dried) Bak Kut Teh. just two of us so we did not order much.

The Dried Bak Kut Teh (1 person)

The Soup Bak Kut Teh ( 1 person)

This is Miss Lim.

The Dried Bak Kut Teh is nice. better than the one in Equine Park, Seri Kembangan. Worth for a try. :)
but I don't fancy dry food. I don't like to eat rice without soup or sauce so things are perfect for me to order both. =)

Yap Chuan (Dried) Bak Kut Teh
53 Jalan BPU,
Bandar Puchong Utama.

check the map in Gourmetsharing :)

I need food. nice food. to overcome the stress. It is best if it could be Japanese food. =D =D =D

Still cant decide whether to buy AA or Tiger ticket. =./

Someone is back after 2 days of missing. HAHA. XD

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

CAFF Italian Cuisine, Bandar Puteri Puchong

I read about this Italian Cuisine weeks ago in Vkeong.com and I got attracted by the food. I always love to eat. XD get to know that they have this lunch promotion from another food blog so without much hesitation, looked around for friends to go with me. hehehehhe. Thank han hui for the ride!

ta-daah. this is the lunch promotion set menu

i can't really believe when i read the word BUFFET and saw the price. it's only RM14.90 and u can choose 6 different toppings of pasta and 6 flavours of pizza, the best part is u can eat them ALL. oh yea. and for drinks, u can choose either ice lemon tea or ice peach tea. Free Flow.

For pasta, u can choose Spaghetti, Fettuccine or Spirally. Choices for sauce, there are Marinara(tomato sauce), Aglio-Olio(olive oil) and White Cream. and For toppings, there are 6, Shrimp, Pork Bacon, Mix Mushrooms, Turkey Ham, Vegetarian and Fish Fillet. Spaghetti with Aglio-Olie sauce with Shrimp topping is Highly recommended by me. heehehehehe. NICE. trust me.

For Pizza, they have 6 flavours available. Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Vegetarian, Turkey Ham, Chilli Tuna and Seafood. well. all equally nice.

the interior

hehe, waiting to see all the pasta and pizzaaaa? here we go...

The first pasta I ordered. Spaghetti with Aglio-Olio sauce and shrimps. for your info, i'm a fan of olive oil :)

Spaghetti with white cream sauce and shrimps.

Spaghetti with Marinara and white mushrooms.

Spirally with white cream sauce and pork bacon

Fettuccine with marinara sauce and fish fillet

Spaghetti with Aglio-Olio and turkey ham. this is nice also!

Spaghetti with Aglio-Olio and vege. this is just so so. can't finish this so u get what i mean? haha :P

Spaghetti with Aglio-Olio with turkey ham. Ordered for the 2nd one and somehow it's different from the first. hmm. they added sometimes i guess but it's nicer. the turkey ham is sooo nice!

done with the pasta... and now.. pizzasss!


Turkey Ham


Chilli Tuna


Vegetarian.. hmm this vegetarian is better than the pasta 1.

wanna know how much we ate? 9 plates of pastas and 6 pizzas. there are just 5 of us. hehehe. the pasta quite small 1. so don't worry. hehehe. oh yea. and total 9 drinks. =P =P

9 plates of pasta

let me show you our faces. hahah XD
the guys

and the girlss :)

us with the foooood

The total bill for 5 of us just around RM78. super good deal!

The buffet is available from 12.30pm - 2.30pm daily. RM14.90 per person. *sucha good deal!* I flipped through the menu. Their ala carte items look very nice and in reasonable price too! looking forward to the next visit. hehe. I wanna try their Escargots. =D
oh yea. CAFF is non-halal food.
here is the address.
44, Jalan Puteri 2/2,
Bandar Puteri Puchong.
03-8061 5606
(opposite Giant hypermarket, behind Hyundai)

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Happy Birthday :)

Back with xm after BHM test. I asked him any plans for yy's bday or not but I forgot what he said d haha, then texted ss to remind her and there we planned to give yy a small and surprise birthday celebration. hehehe. I suggested Hawaii steak house to yam cha, but lok said i stupid cos it was so obvious that we wanted to celebrate his bday..and he said who will go suddenly go Hawaii to yam cha. -________- Lok wasn't around during the weekend due to his final exam. TOO BAD.

Stupid xm overslept! So hard to wake him up as his hp dead and his family not at home and coincidently, his sis's hp cant call in. -______- planned to yam cha with neo 1st but she was celebrating her mum's bday that time so me and ss went to foodtiam to have our favourite iced chocolate! hee hee. then headed to yy's house to wait for xm to GET UP. yy's house got a very nice erm. what that call, not cross stitch, but something similar to that, just that his mum one is use the small small biji biji things. and it's mickey and mini mouse! super cute 1! it did remind me of my cross stitch. i wish i have longer sem break to complete them!

I Cross Stitch! hee heee heee!

okay, back to yy's bday celebration! we went to Funky Bar at kemayan square because ss and me got the urge to play pool! haa haa! We sneaked out from the bar to take the cake and asked the bartender to keep for us without yy's knowledge. keke and asked the erm lady boss? or auntie to light the candles and take out at 12am. not his exact birthday tho but then... 12am only got the bday 'feeling'. haha! :P

Happy Birthday Mr YY!

yy : *silent* , everyone from tarc and mmu get flying colors in their examsss.
haha yy included all of us in his bday wishes. how nicee.

the ladyboss/ auntie helped us for this shot. XD LOK is not inside :(

ss.bday boy.
bday boy. me
Lok, this is for you to see. yy's cake. XD

bday boy. bottom's up. hah. sap sap water for him. XD

cheeersss. only 4 glasses.

spot the blue thing. use spoon to cut the cake instead of the provided plastic knife. -___-
2 of them were very excited when the bar played beyond's song

yy is so yuk gan. XDDD

haha. from a facebook test, i'm yy's pek jau buddy. LOL. funny. we pool-ed for one round only because getting late and we had to head home. yy hope u like it la hehe even though it was not surprise enough. =D

thank you

done with all the assignments! checked the list.

Circuits and Signals checked
Microprocessor checked
Electromagnetic checked!

like.. finally. all done. There are a few people i wanna thank to.
Thanks a lot to Eden Shin, Mng, Pihaur for helping so much. especially mng. thanks for helping along the way. :D Thanks mingshi and mng for your house as the place for each meetings. :)

Small celebration after the Micro P assignment. done with the presentation yesterday too. So sorry for not helping much in the assignment and caused troubles to you all. Hope you all like the cake. :)

I saw Jasonmumbles' offline message about electromagnetic assignment matter when came back from their house. so I left him a message in fb and went to sleep. This morning discussed about the assignment with him over the msn and he completed too. hahaha. never thought that he will twitter it. lol. Thanks.
knew him and added him for quite some time but rarely chat. still looking forward to meet this guy in the future. :) visit his site, jasonmumbles.

so long never blog dy and i feel stuck in every sentence. bad feeling.
I don't like the feeling I have now or since weeks ago. I'm still feeling lost in something.

done with the assignments, but final exam coming in 2 weeks time. sigh. mmu always exam non stop.

Saturday, 5 September 2009


yay! done with the 3 tough midterm papers dyyyyyy! they came all together. been sooooo stressed up this 2 weeksss! and now finallyyyyy i have a short short short break to inhale some fresh air and do what i have and what i want to do! but final is coming in less than one month. -_________- 2 more assignments need to be completed.

blog been hibernated for soooooooo long! but i'm coming back! hehehe! return for more updates!

time to go to bed.. finally i can sleeeeep without thinking of the maths, the electromagnetics and the microprocessorrrr!!!! *gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*! joyyy. but only can stop thinking for few days :( then continue dream about them again. *siggghh*

it's okay. must enjoy the weekend!