Saturday, 5 September 2009


yay! done with the 3 tough midterm papers dyyyyyy! they came all together. been sooooo stressed up this 2 weeksss! and now finallyyyyy i have a short short short break to inhale some fresh air and do what i have and what i want to do! but final is coming in less than one month. -_________- 2 more assignments need to be completed.

blog been hibernated for soooooooo long! but i'm coming back! hehehe! return for more updates!

time to go to bed.. finally i can sleeeeep without thinking of the maths, the electromagnetics and the microprocessorrrr!!!! *gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*! joyyy. but only can stop thinking for few days :( then continue dream about them again. *siggghh*

it's okay. must enjoy the weekend!


fufu said...

yeah enjoy the short break... go have fun with friends ya =p

hueyMay said...

mine has just started.....