Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Happy Birthday :)

Back with xm after BHM test. I asked him any plans for yy's bday or not but I forgot what he said d haha, then texted ss to remind her and there we planned to give yy a small and surprise birthday celebration. hehehe. I suggested Hawaii steak house to yam cha, but lok said i stupid cos it was so obvious that we wanted to celebrate his bday..and he said who will go suddenly go Hawaii to yam cha. -________- Lok wasn't around during the weekend due to his final exam. TOO BAD.

Stupid xm overslept! So hard to wake him up as his hp dead and his family not at home and coincidently, his sis's hp cant call in. -______- planned to yam cha with neo 1st but she was celebrating her mum's bday that time so me and ss went to foodtiam to have our favourite iced chocolate! hee hee. then headed to yy's house to wait for xm to GET UP. yy's house got a very nice erm. what that call, not cross stitch, but something similar to that, just that his mum one is use the small small biji biji things. and it's mickey and mini mouse! super cute 1! it did remind me of my cross stitch. i wish i have longer sem break to complete them!

I Cross Stitch! hee heee heee!

okay, back to yy's bday celebration! we went to Funky Bar at kemayan square because ss and me got the urge to play pool! haa haa! We sneaked out from the bar to take the cake and asked the bartender to keep for us without yy's knowledge. keke and asked the erm lady boss? or auntie to light the candles and take out at 12am. not his exact birthday tho but then... 12am only got the bday 'feeling'. haha! :P

Happy Birthday Mr YY!

yy : *silent* , everyone from tarc and mmu get flying colors in their examsss.
haha yy included all of us in his bday wishes. how nicee.

the ladyboss/ auntie helped us for this shot. XD LOK is not inside :(

ss.bday boy.
bday boy. me
Lok, this is for you to see. yy's cake. XD

bday boy. bottom's up. hah. sap sap water for him. XD

cheeersss. only 4 glasses.

spot the blue thing. use spoon to cut the cake instead of the provided plastic knife. -___-
2 of them were very excited when the bar played beyond's song

yy is so yuk gan. XDDD

haha. from a facebook test, i'm yy's pek jau buddy. LOL. funny. we pool-ed for one round only because getting late and we had to head home. yy hope u like it la hehe even though it was not surprise enough. =D


kanki said...

siapa dia yy?

reddishTea said...

fren from chanwa.

fufu said...

wow... the special one?

reddishTea said...

fufu: hahah, nop. he's my friend. :)

hueyMay said...

only for mmu n tarc wuuuu

reddishTea said...

haha hm, cos u haven exam ma. ahaha :P

Szeshee said...

u super wei! die also want call tat lady AUNTY!

reddishTea said...

hahha. she memang aunty maaaaa.