Tuesday, 15 September 2009

thank you

done with all the assignments! checked the list.

Circuits and Signals checked
Microprocessor checked
Electromagnetic checked!

like.. finally. all done. There are a few people i wanna thank to.
Thanks a lot to Eden Shin, Mng, Pihaur for helping so much. especially mng. thanks for helping along the way. :D Thanks mingshi and mng for your house as the place for each meetings. :)

Small celebration after the Micro P assignment. done with the presentation yesterday too. So sorry for not helping much in the assignment and caused troubles to you all. Hope you all like the cake. :)

I saw Jasonmumbles' offline message about electromagnetic assignment matter when came back from their house. so I left him a message in fb and went to sleep. This morning discussed about the assignment with him over the msn and he completed too. hahaha. never thought that he will twitter it. lol. Thanks.
knew him and added him for quite some time but rarely chat. still looking forward to meet this guy in the future. :) visit his site, jasonmumbles.

so long never blog dy and i feel stuck in every sentence. bad feeling.
I don't like the feeling I have now or since weeks ago. I'm still feeling lost in something.

done with the assignments, but final exam coming in 2 weeks time. sigh. mmu always exam non stop.


mng said...

thanks for the cake=)
now i just notice the smile face..lolx...
how careless am i!!!
jasonmumbles taking emg?!?!

reddishTea said...

welcome =)
aihhh. the smile face too small is it? no choice la. no space d. haha.

Jasonmumbles said...

mng : Stupid mah, until haven't pass. :(