Thursday, 8 November 2007

Second Trimester

New trimester begins. ... i hate it! need to study study and study again! Well, I don't really like my Calculus lecturer. Will I fail for my calculus? I doubt that.. I don't really understand what he's teaching but other 2 female classmates seem like understand it quite well. *sigh*

Today (071107), Gilbert and Kiat came to malacca to find their friend, JinSoon. They fetched me and ting le to breakfast in the morning because it was drizzling that time. Night, 3 of them, JinSoon's gf, me and ting le went Old Newton for dinner and then Wings Cafe for a drink. Ting Le's classmate, Grace sings in that cafe. She's vy much different compare to the last trimester when i saw her. mayb make up? hmm.. She sings quite well.

After that, I guess they knew that both of us dont feel like going pure bar so jinsoon suggested Klebang beach. em. not bad lar. jus made me think alot. then 1am back ixora.

just my day. thinking something. don't feel like sleeping.

*sign off*

Friday, 2 November 2007

shop in sunway pyramid with boseyung


ailing a.k.a boseyung called up my house at 7.59am this morning but every morning, my mum will unplugged the house phone so that i can sleep soundly in room. haha. so i cant heard my house phone ringing this morning. 8.15am, out from room, walked to house phone, checked the call list, yea, she called me! haha... decided, we out at 9.15am but... im slow! then ailing came to my house, we ate nasi lemak 1st.

boseyung said we never take bus since long time ago so we decided to take bus, sadly, no bus. and a taxi. wow, i still remember every words the WOMAN driver said, she freaking cool! she spoke well in cantonese, mandarin, english, malay and Tamil as well! haha XD XD!

sadly, neo is not free to come out. me and boseyung quite disappointed at 1st, we thought every plan gone. so sad. i called my dad to ask whether he can fetch us. and luckily, he gave me a "yes" LMAO! so we can go sunway pyramid. we ate pizza and baskin robbins. a malay guy approached boseyung and wanna "berkenalan" with her. LOL! *laughing non stop*

after that i rushed to Mango. damn afraid my bag is sold out! i got 30% for the bag, woo-hoo! faster called my mum and asked her let me to buy it! crave for it! and one top. ngeks.
and we bought a classic cosmetic box too.. haha. is it cosmetic box? whatever, can use in many ways..
the interior...

what do you think? ;)

and i bought 3 nails colors and 1 shimmer powder, total RM6.50. worth? *keke*

less photos aha! i'm working on some photos. *editing* will upload up soon. hehe, i love those camwhoring photos of us. and yah, forgot to mention. i DO LOVE the toilets in sunway pyramids. lmao XD!

upload some first.

one of the toilet. another design nicer! haha.
this one nice! boseyung is applying lip gloss?

camwhore in mango's fitting room. boss said boseyung looks CUN in this pic!! haha, i agree too. and i look shit. boseyung took the camera too high. -__-"
photographer --> boseyung. *thanks,love this photo =)*
don't want upload all first. will upload more soon.

P/S: I've created an account in Flickr. Bro asked me to -__-" here is my flickr address. just uploaded two photos.

* went FOLIO today. Lomo cameras just left Colorsplash and Pop9. what i want no stocks anymore! the salesgirl said other branches also no stocks. die la. my fisheye2! price--> RM250, fisheye RM200, colorsplash RM285. which one?

Thursday, 1 November 2007


shit, i'm still dreaming to own one PSP!!!!!!!!!!!! I've asked a friend last night, PSP 3.52version is now selling RM820 with 4GB memory card each. uhh.. RM820!! yes, I just got my ptptn money, but sadly i can't use the money to buy PSP for myself! I've to pay my apartment rental and pocket money for every week! now just hoping will get a good price during PC fair or hoping it drop until RM700, is it possible ah?

PSP new colors --> Pink!! , Silver, Champagne Gold, Blue

suggestion from friend as below --
Black - Classic
White - Modern
Pink - Nice
Blue - Damn cool
Gold - Unique

Silver - Class

CUN! hmm, pink and blue are nice! pink is so sweet, blue is really damn cool.. GRR, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......................... really wish to have one!! T.T

For more info of the PSP click this
The official site of PSP
more details click this


Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Linkin Park live in Singapore 13 Nov

live in singapore??? why not malaysia?! They're going to lion city to perform this coming 13 November!!!!!! *scream*

Nokia Presents Linkin Park Live!

Linkin park live in Singapore

Linkin Park Asia Tour follows the unprecedented success of Linkin Park’s one off show at the Padang in June 2004, where 15,000 tickets were snapped up by avid fans from all over the region.

The Padang show followed Lushingtons other 2 sell out shows at Kuala Lumpur, Merdeka Stadium (27,000 sold) and the Hong Kong Convention Center sell out show.

Presented by “NOKIA” , the worlds Number 1 ranked rock band, “LINKIN PARK” roars into the Singapore Indoor Stadium on November 13th, 2007

Linkin Park has sold 40 million records worldwide since their debut in 2000. They won two Grammy Awards, the first for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2002 with their hit single 'Crawling', and the second for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration with Jay-Z in 2006 for the innovative 'Numb/Encore'. Their much-anticipated third studio CD release, “Minutes to Midnight” sold over 2.3 million copies internationally to date now

“Minutes to Midnight” is a breakthrough in the development of the band’s sound. It incorporates melodic sounds with industrial and rap music that defines their unique sound.

Linkin Park is Chester Bennington (vocals), Rob Bourdon (drums), Brad Delson (guitar), Joe Hahn (DJ), Dave “Phoenix” Farrell (bass), and Mike Shinoda (vocals).

Ticket Price
Free Standing - S$148, S$128

Reserved Seating - S$128, S$88, S$68

For more info, visit this site.

and one contest from Digi Telecommunication Sdn Bhd for this concert..
sadly, i'm hotlink user. aww..

*jan, do you wish to go?

Thursday, 18 October 2007

penang and sitiawan (13/10/07 - 15/10/07)

What i've done during Raya holiday? yes, that's what my blog title about. I went Penang Island and Sitiawan which is my dad's hometown. In this year, the number of times i've visited sitiawan will be the highest compare to other years. firstly is because of my great grandma. =)
back to the trip, I went with my parents and my parents' good friend's family. My aunt helped us booked 2 hotel rooms few days before we reached there. All good hotels seem fully booked. and sigh, we have to stay in Hotel Malaysia which is quite small and its parking lot are not enough for its own customers. huh?! which made us quite sick of the hotel management. Due to its public holiday, and penang is a tourist's choice to visit, the street was very packed, too, its traffic was heavy. We can't even have our dinner at Gurney Drive. how sad! and went to some foodcourt which called Copra. the environment there stil ok la.. boleh tahan. got 3 pretty sexy girls singing on the stage somemore. This penang trip was not fun because didnt shop much and get what i want =( but I got something from dad! ha-ha! a special present i guess? *not-going-reveal* *evilish laugh*

some pics i taken. jus SOMEtaken during the way to penang island from butterworth through ferry

some shops along gurney road , well.. nothing much to do at the time.
what i got from queensbay mall only. *not enough!!!!!*

Second day went Gurney mall.. yeaps.. where i got a gift from my dad.. and till now am still waiting the courier to send the parcel to me! *hehe* when we wanna pay for our parking at autopay station, where zheng ming saw me.. aiyaya, that time i was not in good condition, sweating because walked from the place we had our lunch back to gurney mall.. and i saw his friends there, then walked to the parking lot faster.. sorry lar! after that I be my parents' driver drove to sitiawan. the highway was jam and whole way was raining non stop! wondering why everytime i drive long journey, the weather must be raining... *sick* When we reached Sitiawan, it was already 8.30pm and it's time for dinner! yay!! met ah wei again. long time din see him already! hehe..
3rd day, went visit my great grandma, went lumut, went a place which called TAMAN PAYA BAKAU. went this place several years ago. now the government repair the place and it is vy nice now. alot of monkeys there. and the monkeys are vy wild. =.=

a view of my great grandma's house, in front.

forgot to mention, my great grandma used to plant alot of cocoa plants when she was still able to do work. now the trees are still there. this is the cocoa! look like a type of vege right?

inside! cheers... it tasted sour sweet... these are the cocoa which use to make chocolate =)

*hmm, they're cocoa-hunting* hehe

huh? koala-dog? did by uncle roland! haha... the dog is so cute!

lumut jettythe long boat is heading to pangkor island. i still prefer the scenery of night lumut. windy and peaceful ;)
the taman paya bakau. two malays were feeding the hungry monkeys

he/she is SOOO fierce!
the monkey street -_-"

sex in public?

besides, i can see alot of little crabs, balitongs and screw snails in this place. quite a nice place to visit. but i cant see any hermit crabs. i wan hermit crabssssss!!!!!

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

time to update!

*sigh* got no time to update! sorrrry.. let's talk bout last friday night. yesh, finally we had some sort of gathering stuff. organized by james and weikeong. We went steamboat at lobak. Ailing and XiauLi brought a friend along .She 80% look like ah Teng!!!! A happy gathering night. Sky sit beside me and we cooked for each other, haha. thanks ya sky.. Coincidently, i met eric vooi. He was with his secondary friends. =) After we finished our steamboat, *ehem* photo-taking and camwhoring sessions ... ha-ha.
yeaps! fitted in!
uhhuh... peace?
Sky and me. thanks ya sky? *winks*CheeSheng and me.. thanks for ur ride whenever we hang out. ;)
James the leng jai and me.. XD 1 funny pic of him coming up!Da P and Me.. "P, u're getting prettier!"the busy guy-yixiang.. hope you finish your uni stuff soon. miss those days we used to hang out everyday. oneLove. thanks for coming that night. he-he. take good care in your coll ya!

*hi-5!* us us us! the raingod family. XD i love you all so damn much. muakz! neo a neo, happy studying in the one ya.. stand with the assignments.. try to enjoy to the max even they're kinda suffering for u. I believe you can. ;) Ramadi, new sem started, study hard ya! hope your laptop getting well soon. keke.. update me always bout u a!!!! cos i always know your things through jason's mouth. haha.. XD *know what am i talking about?* Boseyung, all the best in ur lower six final ya.. enjoy school life. ;) love you alllllll.........

family portrait! family remains as family. =D
the people of the night =) cheers. this makes me reminds of our form5 class.. missing it =(this is the pic i mentioned jus now. james's funny expression.haha! faster grab p's cam after saw this scene so managed to snap this. haha!

*finish* for this blog. -raya holiday trip blog coming up next-

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Back from JB

Jus arrived home at about 6.30pm today. tired! Never take much photos during this trip. sigh... We went StoneGrill Jusco Tebrau City for dinner last night after singing in RedBox for about 3 hours... The food there was finger licking good! haha.. will go there if there is a chance again. The service there was very good too. Didn't shop much. sad..
yea yea. forgot to mention. We went a shop called LAVENDER. the shop looked very nice. There were lavender plants outside of their shop. This shop is selling breads and people can dine in for breakfast and lunch. not sure about dinner. and we met ting le's friend who working in Lavender too. haha. XD

Thanks to Ting le, and her parents! XD

Here are some photos taken in StoneGrill shop.

Nice Arrangement huh.

My Seafood Tomyam Mihun and orange juice XD

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

JB first day

YAY! finally finished my last paper, Computer Application at 11am 9th of October today! then after that straight away went back apartment to pack my bag and went Malacca Bus Central with other 3 frens. bus came at 1pm. reacher LARKIN bus stop at 4pm. did nothing much today. went Jusco Tebrau City, the largest jusco in malaysia. jus went 1 hour because it was going to close that time. nevermind, tomorrow we're going City Square, Jusco and Redbox perhaps. and ya. Lavender Bread shop which Ting le wish to go for some purposes. ha-ha.
blurry... cos i need fast fast curi take after the invigilators collected our answer papers. everyone started to relax~
bye bye mmu for 3 weeks! kekeThe hot lemon tea from Old Town Kopitiam. it looks kinda cute. for me.

Monday, 8 October 2007

A dine in at Manhanttan Fish Market

well, I was not in good condition these few days due to some personal reasons.. I'm wondering when is the problem will be solved.

Everyone is so bad mood in my house today and i got no appetite for my breakfast. around afternoon, mum said wanna go jusco. i don't feel like going but she said go there to have lunch. then ok lor.. my attitude is so terrible today. sigh. sorry to people who had conversation with me today. I don't mean it.

Here are some pics I taken while in Manhanttan Fish Market. I quite like the food there. but sadly... don't have fresh oysters selling in this branch. =(
i don't know who is that tho.
A plasma showing the story of MFM.

Flaming Food Platter

Hope the problem can solve as soon as possible... *prays hard*