Thursday, 11 October 2007

Back from JB

Jus arrived home at about 6.30pm today. tired! Never take much photos during this trip. sigh... We went StoneGrill Jusco Tebrau City for dinner last night after singing in RedBox for about 3 hours... The food there was finger licking good! haha.. will go there if there is a chance again. The service there was very good too. Didn't shop much. sad..
yea yea. forgot to mention. We went a shop called LAVENDER. the shop looked very nice. There were lavender plants outside of their shop. This shop is selling breads and people can dine in for breakfast and lunch. not sure about dinner. and we met ting le's friend who working in Lavender too. haha. XD

Thanks to Ting le, and her parents! XD

Here are some photos taken in StoneGrill shop.

Nice Arrangement huh.

My Seafood Tomyam Mihun and orange juice XD

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