Monday, 8 October 2007

A dine in at Manhanttan Fish Market

well, I was not in good condition these few days due to some personal reasons.. I'm wondering when is the problem will be solved.

Everyone is so bad mood in my house today and i got no appetite for my breakfast. around afternoon, mum said wanna go jusco. i don't feel like going but she said go there to have lunch. then ok lor.. my attitude is so terrible today. sigh. sorry to people who had conversation with me today. I don't mean it.

Here are some pics I taken while in Manhanttan Fish Market. I quite like the food there. but sadly... don't have fresh oysters selling in this branch. =(
i don't know who is that tho.
A plasma showing the story of MFM.

Flaming Food Platter

Hope the problem can solve as soon as possible... *prays hard*

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