Thursday, 18 October 2007

penang and sitiawan (13/10/07 - 15/10/07)

What i've done during Raya holiday? yes, that's what my blog title about. I went Penang Island and Sitiawan which is my dad's hometown. In this year, the number of times i've visited sitiawan will be the highest compare to other years. firstly is because of my great grandma. =)
back to the trip, I went with my parents and my parents' good friend's family. My aunt helped us booked 2 hotel rooms few days before we reached there. All good hotels seem fully booked. and sigh, we have to stay in Hotel Malaysia which is quite small and its parking lot are not enough for its own customers. huh?! which made us quite sick of the hotel management. Due to its public holiday, and penang is a tourist's choice to visit, the street was very packed, too, its traffic was heavy. We can't even have our dinner at Gurney Drive. how sad! and went to some foodcourt which called Copra. the environment there stil ok la.. boleh tahan. got 3 pretty sexy girls singing on the stage somemore. This penang trip was not fun because didnt shop much and get what i want =( but I got something from dad! ha-ha! a special present i guess? *not-going-reveal* *evilish laugh*

some pics i taken. jus SOMEtaken during the way to penang island from butterworth through ferry

some shops along gurney road , well.. nothing much to do at the time.
what i got from queensbay mall only. *not enough!!!!!*

Second day went Gurney mall.. yeaps.. where i got a gift from my dad.. and till now am still waiting the courier to send the parcel to me! *hehe* when we wanna pay for our parking at autopay station, where zheng ming saw me.. aiyaya, that time i was not in good condition, sweating because walked from the place we had our lunch back to gurney mall.. and i saw his friends there, then walked to the parking lot faster.. sorry lar! after that I be my parents' driver drove to sitiawan. the highway was jam and whole way was raining non stop! wondering why everytime i drive long journey, the weather must be raining... *sick* When we reached Sitiawan, it was already 8.30pm and it's time for dinner! yay!! met ah wei again. long time din see him already! hehe..
3rd day, went visit my great grandma, went lumut, went a place which called TAMAN PAYA BAKAU. went this place several years ago. now the government repair the place and it is vy nice now. alot of monkeys there. and the monkeys are vy wild. =.=

a view of my great grandma's house, in front.

forgot to mention, my great grandma used to plant alot of cocoa plants when she was still able to do work. now the trees are still there. this is the cocoa! look like a type of vege right?

inside! cheers... it tasted sour sweet... these are the cocoa which use to make chocolate =)

*hmm, they're cocoa-hunting* hehe

huh? koala-dog? did by uncle roland! haha... the dog is so cute!

lumut jettythe long boat is heading to pangkor island. i still prefer the scenery of night lumut. windy and peaceful ;)
the taman paya bakau. two malays were feeding the hungry monkeys

he/she is SOOO fierce!
the monkey street -_-"

sex in public?

besides, i can see alot of little crabs, balitongs and screw snails in this place. quite a nice place to visit. but i cant see any hermit crabs. i wan hermit crabssssss!!!!!

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