Saturday, 6 October 2007

Chill out in Starbucks

Finally back to seremban today... after 2 weeks in Malacca.. aaa~
When reached home, I hurried by mum to take my shower and prepare to go cousin's house.
and after that, me and jess went Starbucks Parkson to have a drink. I ordered the latest Green Tea 1 and she ordered what caramel, i forgotten. We didn't finish our drinks.. because they're too sweet, can't stand! I regret that i didnt order Raspberry or Mango. quite boring in Starbucks although they have wireless there. but the speed is soooooooo slow! I can't even load a web. *shit* luckily jess brought 2 magazines.

Some pics taken in there.

Jess's drinks and her magazines.

the drinks we ordered

Ta-da! Starbucks Parkson. Seriously, I do think its atmosphere nicer than the jusco ones.

two photos of us. Cheers =)

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