Monday, 28 July 2008

Happy Birthday to meee~ *2nd celebration*

sorry for my laziness.. i have sooo many to post yet im still lazy! bang me =p

and yea... on the same day 19/07/08 night, gilbert picked me up at my house around 10.30pm. ah zhu n js in his car too! haha.. so many months didnt meet up with them ady! =X then we went kiat's house to meet up with him and wen soon. after that, we headed to a cafe in town. That time only i realized there's such cafe exist in seremban! lol... lame me! then we sat n ordered n chit chat chit chat... while i was busy observing the lights in the cafe..... what happened??

I saw one small box in front of me!!! when i lifted up, it's a purple APPLE ipod shuffle! i was like "woah??" mp3 player? haha!

twra~laaa~laaa....... XD

then we played "dare & drink" game.. first round it's "dare and drink" second round onwards become "dare and dare" hahaha. luckily i lost in first round and not second, third, fourth and so on...

and... i won... 2 of them need to hug each other... and Js and Gilbert got called by me XD XD! *woohoo*

enjoy the photos~ i hope they do entertain u... =p
2nd round, i won too.... 2 of them... kissed each otherrr~ Kiat(left) looked desperate to kiss his partner, Gilbert(right) somehow seemed shy... XD


i think 4th times, me won again. ahhaha! but this time i wan 2 people sing.. *keke*

they sang "bei pan" by gary cao for me. twraaaallallala~ *thanks yaaaa!!!! i love the song* hahaha!

so ... we had to leave because the shop was about to close already. then we took some photos outside the shop.

wen soon & me

Kiat & me

Js & me *good luck in the mmu model search competition*

Gilbert & me

Ah zhu & me

after that we went to Kensington, Era Square for red wine treats. TEE HEE!! Suggested by Gilbert. at first he bluff me that they were goin to bring me to clubbing. i was like "omg? no way" but then they stopped in front of the western food restaurant. *keke*

waiting the glasses to be filled~~

same color saje?? *keke*

we cheeerrrrrrrrsssss~

Thanks gilbert for the red wine treats ;)


the leftover...
Thanks you guys so much for the celebration!!
Thanks Wen Soon for coming back seremban from UTM, Johor! thanks thanks
Thanks Gilbert, wen soon and Kiat for the ipod shuffle..
Thanks Gilbert for the red wine~
Thanks Js for cominggggggg...

Here are the guys i wanna thank to... but i don have wen soon's photo because he wasn't allowed me to take!

GilbertJS (uhh, acting cool? *ignore ignore* =p)

ah zhu

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Happy Birthday to meee~ *1st celebration*

on 19th july.. me and my bro accompanied my mum to jusco to do some shopping.. her birthday right? that's why we must accompany her wherever she wanted to go. tee hee =p

after few hours, alvin rang up. he told me that he was coming to seremban jusco alone. i was like, "huh? alone?" then after that he said wanna celebrate my bday. hehe.. nice righttt? *kaka* so we met up in secret recipe, ordered yoghurt cheese cake *my favvv cake~*, chocolate fudge and choc strawberries. haha.. the chocolate n strawberry are just simply irresistible!so tempting okaaayy~ so let's the photos do the talking~

our cakes

ta-da! yoghurt cheese cake

and my lychee fruitshake... taste not bad!

this is me and alvin (the alvin i mentioned in the steamboat post) and he's sooooo skinny and wth? i look bigger size than him. *ish* hav to do more yoga!

and another guy.. Andy. can't put his photo up else he'll kill me. =.= a guy who doesnt like to take photos...

we chit-chatted for about 1 n the half hour. thanks to u 2 so much! =)
thanks alvin and andy for it! =D

*p/s: yea in previous post i said my nex coming post is about a red wine glass right? haha.. as i don't want to make this post become super long.. so this one write until here 1st... stay tune ok? it's coming~~~~ =D

Friday, 25 July 2008

Happy birthday to my mummy~

ahh... so busy recently.. and i got so many many to post!

the first and foremost... my mum's birthday dinner! happy belated birthday to her in here! so we went to this restaurant which we like to have our dinner there during weekend. it's a really nice nice nice seafood restaurant!and the lady boss is very pwreetttyyy too! XD

Happy Birthday to mum~~ muakz!

i cant put my mom's photo here. hhaha, bcos she'll screw me up! =p

so what we ordered?

the first one.. i forgot what this call.. but in cantonese , it's "dong fung lo"u need to pull it out

and 2nd , claypot fish
3rd, prawnss

4th, mermaid crabss! my favourite! and it's fingers lickin' good! =p

got another vege.. but never take pic of it. lol.... oh ya! not to forget.. thanks to my bro for the food pictures!

so after that, gilbert n friends came n pick me up....

coming up next: the first celebration =D

Stay tune~

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Daisy - Innocence, Loyal Love, I'll Never Tell, Purity

i love daisy. and im loving it.

Someone's birthday coming. in few hours of time. but what's my mood now? excited? absofuckinglutely nop... this year birthday isnt a good day for me perhaps?

i got
-examination stress
-personal problems
-people around are acting so awkward since last night

well, family is not around.. buddies are not around.. isn't a good sign? perhaps.

nah... don't think too much.. =X

oh yea, thanks to

alvin and andy - to celebrate my bday for me in secret recipe seremban. will update soon.

wen soon, kiat, gilbert, ah zhu and jin soon - for throwing such a nice and simple party for me. and a very nice present. =) thank u guys alot lot... *will update soon too*

ta..... happy birthday to myself in advance. =)

Saturday, 19 July 2008

A guest from malacca!

Last friday... *uhhuh, late post!* why? blame streamyx! alvin came from malacca.. one of my foundation classmates. we miss him alot.. and i really mean alot. alvin the tai lou. =D around 4 sth... steamboat came to my mind. i was thinking, "hmm why don't we do steamboat instead of just yam cha at mamak?" then i asked my housemates and they agreed too! so after the DJ club's ice breakin thingy (we just played for like 15 minutes? then ciao.. haha) we rushed to Jusco equine park to get some food! hehe. we bought alot... about RM148 and ended up we couldnt finish it.

this is just a part of the food we bought... alot more in kitchen.. didnt take out because the table couldnt fit anymore. haha! XD

after that, start steamboat-ing! hehe. but then we had a problem that night. we bought a can-opener but i don't know why it's not functioning! and the guys are discussing on how to open the can food! XDand at last.... one of them gave up and came up with this idea... use knife chop chop chop! dangerous~

desperately for mushrooms. hahaha...
we started our steamboat at 10.30pm. until around 12-1am.. so late... and the next morning they wan to go breakfast at 7.30am! and i overslept! wth? normally im the earliest person wake up in my unit.. but.. .uhhh. i didnt manage to take much pictures because one of them disallowed me to do so!!!! *@$#$%^$^*
=( sorry that unable to show u alvin's face. hehehe XD but he definitely looks fine and a very kind tai lou. *winks*

oh yea, i mentioned bout my connection. 4 days the line is down! and i made reports but my reports cancelled by the TM's CUSTOMER SERVICE without my knowledge!!!! stupid. uhhhh!!! was so friggin angry when the ppl told me during my visit to TM cyber jaya yday.. TM cyber jaya branch's staffs are real friendly.. not like those customer service department... damn rude. cos we cannot see their faces? or what? and i still need to sabar and talk softly yet angrily until my voice bit shaky.!! arggh... they didnt gave me any reasons for cancelling my reports ,just tell me "aku pun tak tau" ... *ISH* then somemore wan provide me a stupid way to choose. is A WAY. mean there aint any 2nd option to choose okay? somemore wan ask me nak macam mana. still alot more but going to stop here already. everyone knows how good is their service for internet service. ~_~

p/s: sorry for the photos quality... taken using my phone. *eek* XD

Monday, 14 July 2008

The Killers - Tranquilize

I love this song so muchhh.. recently get sooo addicted to this song! it playing non-stop in my music player. LMAO! XD

hope u guys enjoy the song =) it's in the latest album "saw dust"

Here's the lyric for you.
Time it tells living in my home town,
Wedding bells they begin easy
Live it down, baby don't talk that much,
Baby knows, but baby don't tease me.
In the park we could go walking,
Drown in the dark or we could go sailing
On the sea

Always here, always on time
Close call, was it love or was it just easy
Money talks when people need shoes and socks,
Steady boys, I'm thinking she needs me

I was just sipping on something sweet
I don't need political process

I got this feeling that they're gonna break down the door
I got this feeling they they're gonna come back for more
See I was thinking that I lost my mind
But it's been getting to me all this time
And it don't stop dragging me down

Silently reflection turns my world to stone
Patiently correction leaves us all alone
And sometimes I'm a travel man
But tonight this engine's failing

I still hear the children playing

Kick the can, kick the can, skip and blackjack
Steal a car and ring a round-rosey,
Rock and roll, candyland, boogeyman,
[ Tranquilize lyrics found on ]
Run away and give me your sneakers

Acid rain, when Abel looked up at Cain
We began the weeping and wailing
A hurried high from pestilence, pills and pride,
It's a shame, we could of gone sailing
But heaven knows,
Heaven knows everything

I got this feeling that they're gonna break down the door
I got this feeling they they're gonna come back for more
See I was thinking that I lost my mind
But it's been getting to me all this time
And it don't stop dragging me down

Silently reflection turns my world to stone
Patiently correction leaves us all alone
And sometimes I'm travel man
But tonight this engine's failing

I still hear the children playing
Dead beat dancers come to us and stay

Cause I don't care where you've been
And I don't care what you've seen
We're the ones who still believe
And we're looking for a page
In that lifeless book of hope
Where a dream might help you cope
With the Bushes and the bombs
A-re, Tranquilized.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

I'm sorry to my bestie.

I read her blog. I felt so guilty. a very very very not-feeling-good feeling. I'm so sorry to you. I knew i've been neglected you but 3 of u still standing the same place as last time, now and in future. There are many many people keep coming into my life but u guys still the most important besties for me. i hope the "besties" that u always mentioned still staying the besties for u. i'm really sorry for whatever we've done.

this is something for u. the friendship bond will never loosen. trust me and trust us.

I promised i will get something for you and I will. I didnt go back to seremban so i havent pass it to you. hope u don't mind. i'm truly sorry. Recently was not really in the mood because of university stuff. I miss the day chatting and discussing the topic with u. u've been so honest in the topic which made me impressed by ur honesty. I'm sorry for everything we did to make u feel that way. three of you will always stay as my besties, my good sisters, my girls who i will talk to. i love you gals.


Friday, 11 July 2008

Hancock Screening by Nuffnang!

the very first and foremost. thanks Nuffnang for the free movie tickets! Hancock was not bad... quite surprised when his wife got the superpower too... met alot of new faces and yea Robb! he was at the tickets collecting counter. look different from his photos. =D didnt manage to take any photos. *sigh*

taaa... i got the "i <3 nuffnang" pin from the counter and it's now on my pencil case.. tee hee XD

Before went to the cinema, as promised, waiseng and me went to italiannies to take our dinner! muahahha. it was my first time makan in italiannies! and it was the n-th time for waiseng. lol! we ordered the salmon pasta. D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! i love salmon.. either fresh or baked. love love love!
My drinks [Grape Fruitshake] i like the grape fruit shake also. keke. but too bad, i cant finish it. sigh.

a closer look.

Grape fruit shake and wai seng's apple fruit shake

Thanks waiseng alot for picking me up! =) thank you~


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Aquaria outing 050708

last saturday was aquaria outing! aaaaa, sorry for the late update! i'm too lazy already. invited by sandra. thanks alot! my entrance tix was only RM20 after i flashed my student card out. keke. *winks* normal price for malaysians are RM28 per tix while for foreigners are RM38 per tix. =D

I woke up at 7.30am in the morning to get myself prepared and all. then go putrajaya central at 9am. reached kl sentral at 10am. then walked to guardian to get one choc bar as my breakfast. haha! after that walked around without direction then i saw wai seng. haha. he forgot to bring his phone out! how careless! =p

reached aquaria at 10.30am. how early! and it still not opened yet. and around 11am we saw a gal standing like a stone's throw away from us waiting for somebody too... after awhile, sandra and grace arrived! and ya! the gal who was waiting at the corner there was same group with us too. after that we went to foodcourt nearby to wait for others. until 12.30pm we finally can go in! who were late? hahaha XD who who and who? =p

so finally... aquaria shots! but 2 hilang... cos they were late. haha.
starfish! i heart!
*drumrolls* Tarantula!!!! i like tarantulas! see! cute kan? cute?! yes it is.

when i saw this, think of kenny's hand. haha.. so took this down for him. haha. kenny!! ur favourite lizards! they're good in posing right? click it to enlarge, look geli!
guess who i met in aquaria?! i asked boon ken to give a guess just now in msn and he failed me! lmao! pek peng a.k.a lionel! working as part-time photographer in aquaria.
after that... time for aquaria jump! pop is the winner. XD

then after that we moved to burger king! see the big group of 13. haha.
the people in burger king.

gideon and me
me and pop
me and waiseng.. lol, the bday hat.

there were a group of malay celebrating a girl's 16th birthday that day. then when they were singing bday song, we joined too. haha! pop was the earliest person who left that day, we sang bday song for him too... the malays joined us. haha!

i was the second one who left because i have to rush to mid valley to meet up camille! XD XD! she came from malacca! whootsss~~~ we went baskin robbin for ice-cream then fast fast take pics cos my mom rushing me back d. miss her so much.

camille. me. shannon. long time no see! miss them.
so end of the day. a very happy day. =D reached seremban around 9pm and lazy to go out yam cha with frens anymore. tired. tee heee~ i thought this would be short... but end up, quite a long post. buahaha....

Thanks to waiseng and Pop for the photos! *wink*