Sunday, 27 July 2008

Happy Birthday to meee~ *1st celebration*

on 19th july.. me and my bro accompanied my mum to jusco to do some shopping.. her birthday right? that's why we must accompany her wherever she wanted to go. tee hee =p

after few hours, alvin rang up. he told me that he was coming to seremban jusco alone. i was like, "huh? alone?" then after that he said wanna celebrate my bday. hehe.. nice righttt? *kaka* so we met up in secret recipe, ordered yoghurt cheese cake *my favvv cake~*, chocolate fudge and choc strawberries. haha.. the chocolate n strawberry are just simply irresistible!so tempting okaaayy~ so let's the photos do the talking~

our cakes

ta-da! yoghurt cheese cake

and my lychee fruitshake... taste not bad!

this is me and alvin (the alvin i mentioned in the steamboat post) and he's sooooo skinny and wth? i look bigger size than him. *ish* hav to do more yoga!

and another guy.. Andy. can't put his photo up else he'll kill me. =.= a guy who doesnt like to take photos...

we chit-chatted for about 1 n the half hour. thanks to u 2 so much! =)
thanks alvin and andy for it! =D

*p/s: yea in previous post i said my nex coming post is about a red wine glass right? haha.. as i don't want to make this post become super long.. so this one write until here 1st... stay tune ok? it's coming~~~~ =D

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wow.. u shud be very happie hoh.. so many people celebrate for you.. haha..