Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Aquaria outing 050708

last saturday was aquaria outing! aaaaa, sorry for the late update! i'm too lazy already. invited by sandra. thanks alot! my entrance tix was only RM20 after i flashed my student card out. keke. *winks* normal price for malaysians are RM28 per tix while for foreigners are RM38 per tix. =D

I woke up at 7.30am in the morning to get myself prepared and all. then go putrajaya central at 9am. reached kl sentral at 10am. then walked to guardian to get one choc bar as my breakfast. haha! after that walked around without direction then i saw wai seng. haha. he forgot to bring his phone out! how careless! =p

reached aquaria at 10.30am. how early! and it still not opened yet. and around 11am we saw a gal standing like a stone's throw away from us waiting for somebody too... after awhile, sandra and grace arrived! and ya! the gal who was waiting at the corner there was same group with us too. after that we went to foodcourt nearby to wait for others. until 12.30pm we finally can go in! who were late? hahaha XD who who and who? =p

so finally... aquaria shots! but 2 hilang... cos they were late. haha.
starfish! i heart!
*drumrolls* Tarantula!!!! i like tarantulas! see! cute kan? cute?! yes it is.

when i saw this, think of kenny's hand. haha.. so took this down for him. haha. kenny!! ur favourite lizards! they're good in posing right? click it to enlarge, look geli!
guess who i met in aquaria?! i asked boon ken to give a guess just now in msn and he failed me! lmao! pek peng a.k.a lionel! working as part-time photographer in aquaria.
after that... time for aquaria jump! pop is the winner. XD

then after that we moved to burger king! see the big group of 13. haha.
the people in burger king.

gideon and me
me and pop
me and waiseng.. lol, the bday hat.

there were a group of malay celebrating a girl's 16th birthday that day. then when they were singing bday song, we joined too. haha! pop was the earliest person who left that day, we sang bday song for him too... the malays joined us. haha!

i was the second one who left because i have to rush to mid valley to meet up camille! XD XD! she came from malacca! whootsss~~~ we went baskin robbin for ice-cream then fast fast take pics cos my mom rushing me back d. miss her so much.

camille. me. shannon. long time no see! miss them.
so end of the day. a very happy day. =D reached seremban around 9pm and lazy to go out yam cha with frens anymore. tired. tee heee~ i thought this would be short... but end up, quite a long post. buahaha....

Thanks to waiseng and Pop for the photos! *wink*



-waiseng- said...

i tot i gave u pictures with me no bday hat wan? y la no post that 1 hahaha

reddishTea said...

because with bday hat one nicer. lol! thanks to burger king who provide bday haaaat! lmao!

M'eLLe said...

haha... lol... i see me!!! lol...

Big Bright Head said...

thank you so much for the visit... he he.. got tarantula, i better run first ....

reddishTea said...

m'elle : yea pretty lady! hahahaha

big bright head: lol, nonid run lar! tarantula is cute

kO said...

wa.. yuan lai pek peng work at there.. got 1 week i meet ken in bus.. haha