Friday, 4 July 2008

Putra Jaya visit

these two days feel a bit emo.. haha, wonder why.
was in DJ club's AGM for 10 minutes last night then suddenly putra jaya came up my mind... so i asked whether my housemates and friends wanna go. all agreed. DJ club's AGM was boring and crowdedd. hehehe... hope there aint any dj club members reading this?

i parked my car at this place....

i love this pic... =D

us... got another 2 ppl but they went dating so didnt join us for this pic...

Can i be like her? =(

one of the bridges in putra jaya. this place is kinda quiet.. less people. a nice place.

trying to play with camera tossing but... failed!

Coming up next : 'Friends + Baskin Robbin + Wanted movie = Awesomeness!' quote from sandra!

P/S: am feeling emo =(


irene said...

what happened?
putra jaya is nice~

reddishTea said...

yea thankkkssss! it's nice.. i'm gonna go again! hehehe...