Monday, 30 June 2008

Happy Birthday to my housemate!

last night went to shop nearby mmu cyber campus to have a small celebration for my housemate.. jus knew her when i moved in here.. although last time she was staying the same floor with me in ixora,malacca.

we planned to go secret recipe but it closed at 10.30pm and we reached there at 10pm and we could only 'tapau' 2 slices of cakes. then we went the restaurant next door. it's Iranian restaurant... interior is not bad! didnt try the food there, just ordered garden salad for myself and share with another housemate =)

Happy Birthday housemate!

my housemates.. haha i was planning to take a pic of us and hang it on the wall in living hall... =D and yea... there are two.. muahaha.
i prefer this tho.... =p duno why.

oh yea, i mentioned i ordered a garden salad... here it is! the white colour sauce is nice! should have add more. i keep saying wanna go there and try the iranian food there some time until my housemates piss... HAHA! SORRY LARRRR~

i like this little corner in that shop! so cute and small! XD

p/s: yay~ successfully changed my tutorial session to tomorrow! mean tomorrow got 8 hours class... *smack head* tonight going for BR and Wanted... wwhhhhhoooottttts~


hueyMay said...

waaa...wear sleeveless..

-waiseng- said...

happy birthday hsemate :)

Wanted nice. For me it's 3 times nicer hahaha

reddishTea said...

to huey may,
hehehe. 1st time only... dun laugh

to waiseng,
haha, yeaaa... u watched 3 times.. geng a... haha. what's the nex movie?

Anonymous said...

im ppq... sulin looks different with her long hair!!! ^^ i almost cant recognize her.. ps: im bored here so i read most of ur posts.. LOL

reddishTea said...

wahh ppq! this is such an old post! oh no. i dare nto read back because i will feel myself stupid. haha