Friday, 20 June 2008

Made of Honour by Advertlets

a late post again due to no internet connection in my cyber jaya condo yet!!!!! *$#%$%^#* and everyone seem already updated.. =(

yeap... this is my 1st blogger event i've attended on 17th june! thanks alot to advertlets! went with wai seng and kenny choo. i addressed myself as "sue" during the event.. ppl must be duno im the reddishtea lar. haha...

my tickets *teeheee XD*
all the bloggers were arrived 1 hour earlier and i can see many flash. many bloggers holding dslr *sob* and i don have one... i brought my camera but then i didnt take it out... i wonder why.. haha. thanks wai seng for the photos!

with smashpop! finally get to meet him in real person! he's tall! i was like " dunno whether u're still remember me, yintse in msn.. then after a few seconds, he replied me "oh! u're the yintse" lalala~~ he remember me anot? *crossing fingers*
the crowd... photo taken from smashpop's blog.

say cheeeese... photo taken from andrew, captured by uncle josh.
met many bloggers.. but didnt get to take photos with them.. as i mentioned, this is my 1st time joining the events, kinda shy to go and ask them for photos but then after that regret! *grrr* daniel tan, david lai, uncle josh, jamie liew etc etc etc......!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *mad*

daniel tan looks muchhh more handsome in real life! and when can i get to see david lai's magic? =( hard i think.... *sigh*

Made of Honour - nice movie! romance comedy... go go go, faster go and watch it! rated it 8.5/10

one more photo which i just received it from pop! thanks alot!!!

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