Saturday, 7 June 2008

i'm BACK.. welcome me~

taaa... i'm finally back.. but not back to my hometown... once i got back from JB, my bus arrived terminal 1,seremban at 2.30pm and 3.30pm rush back to sitiawan, my grandma's house again! wow, can u imagine... 9 hours of travelling in the bus and car... was soooo damnnn tiring... and ended up sleeping in the car while dad did the driving for the whole journey. tee hee.. =D

SG n JB are nice.. thanks to Ting le, Ting le's parents, Ting le's uncle soooooo much! and yea thanks to my bro kanki too... for taking us around singapore. oh yea!!!! not to forget.. JOCELYN! my net friend from SG.. finally i met her! she's soooo pretty! nice to meet u for the 1st time... hope we will meet again! =)

i will update my photos soon as now it's not really convenient for me to upload them. soooory~

one great news i got from advertlets when i checked my mailbox just now..


TA DAAAA~~~ 2 tickets reserved for MEEEE to Made of Honour! but still crossing fingers of how to get there... anyone in cyber jaya going too?????

to kei, *winks* 17th june...


irene said...

jealous la!
better tell me if it's a worth must watch after watching it okaaay?

reddishTea said...

most probably worth.... u can see the advertisement everywhere~~

hueyMay said...

bout wat de oh

UncleJosh said...

haha... :)

see you there for the movie then... ^_^
smilez.... do say hi to me ya...