Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Result finally out! yeepsss

09 06 08...
result of 3rd trimester finally out! nervous for so many days!!!
when i checked it online this evening, scroll.. with eyes closing! and what i wanted to see when i opened my eyes was just 6 subjects labeled with "PASS"...

after 1 min of eyes closing..... *phew* the result transcript gave what my eyes want! i didnt failed them! *hooooooorayyyyyyy* all pass all pass!!! grades will be out after 2 or 3 days... and im soooo satisfy of my 3rd trimester result! yay! improvement!! i didnt fail my chemistry and applied math!!!!!! gpa or cgpa. satisfied! *muakzzzzz* ya i know, my gpa and cgpa are not high enough.... so *seal up*... not to mention here. cos i dowan people "ceh" me after reading... *hehe*

not to forget..
Thanks to

Ming who so helpful and willing to give tuitions patiently.......really... thanks alot thanks alot!!!!
Sam who lent me useful notes and tutorials and willing to explain whenever people duno... =)
Shaynee who did group study and discuss what we duno together! thanks for sharing ur experiences with me too sometimes! =)
Pavithra who did group study in library together sometimes!
Behnam who did group study together before chemistry and physics exam.. thx alot for exchanging info and thx for helping me to print out some notes and tutorials sometimes! and congrats for ur result!!! hehe
and others who are so willingly to teach!!!!! really thanks alot to u guys who strive together during our Alpha year!

well, went to kungfu panda this afternoon with sheng and one love. too bad i cant go with king on sunday.. sigh. it was really a nice and funny and interesting show! i bet you wont doze off for the 1 and the half hour! the movie is quite short but it's worth for the money you've paid! so.. go for it!

i rate it 8/10

Coming Up Next: my 4days 3 nights JB and SG trip.

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