Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Say "NO" to Lazo Diamond. "TAKNAK"

When I was checking my emails this morning, my mum suddenly bumped into me, showing me the pendant we gave her as mother's day present. to my surprise, wth? one of the branches broken and the ruby dropped off to nowhere? I purchased it on 7th May 2008 and today is 2nd June 2008. not even one month?? and for ur info, my mom just wore it for twice or thrice and it became like that because she said that pendant is like not solid so she still prefer her diamond 18K white gold pendant and the chinese zodiac pendant... btw, the one i chose from LAZO DIAMOND is 9K white gold pendant, love shape with one small-red-ant size ruby in the middle, 0.76g for RM199. i've asked for 18K but they don't have and the girl told me 9K good too bla bla and BLAAA.

if you can notice the broken branches.

I went to their Seremban branch just now as i don't want delay it anymore because i don't want it to exceed one month. i told them(the salesgirl who showing shit face) the prob. She blamed us for it..she said mayb "tersangkut" sth, then without a second i answered her, "hello, it's a pendant on a necklace and wear on neck, what it can "tersangkut" with??" then she answered mayb when sleepin or what... mean "tersangkut" cloths la? wow, if it's so easy that mean ur products are not solid enough! and that time she changed topic as fast as lightning!

and they said no any warranty and only provide services for the pendant. and obviously, she wants us to pay for the repair. i don't see there is a need to pay them anymore. my mum said just take the RM199 has thrown into deep sea and never step into LAZO DIAMOND anymore! furthermore, this is the 3rd time i bought pendant there. WTH! i felt so angry as it's mother's day present and now it's flaw!

where is the ruby gemstone??????

i chose lazo diamond that time was because.. 1st, i have not much choices that time as i only have one hour to choose and i was in Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka that time. 2nd, Lazo Diamond products come in many different designs and fair price as they won the Fair Price Shop Awards 2004-2005. and maybe this time i paid RM199 for a lesson but i fucking unhappy about it because it's MOTHER'S DAY PRESENT! pendant with meaning!

My receipt.
and the date of purchase.
what should i do? let it be and don't step into Lazo Diamond anymore or i have other choices? I thought there is something called consumer right? and consumer office? Is it can go there?

Goods come in the price of its value. Be wise next time then.


kanki said...

curse them for bad service and bad products!
our mother's day present gone lor!

reddishTea said...

gone lor! so damn bu shuang and unhappy bout it!

irene said...

yer! so cheap la their quality.
and actually i dont think rm199 for cheapskate 9k gold is fair price lo.

tomei also got 18k for rm299 leh, lagi bagus. although the designs are not really that catchy la.


Steve said...

Base on my experienced n which i had came across with the similar case but they (Lazo Diamond Jewellery) do repair accordingly even the diamond has fell out due to my negligence, provided you found the stone n send it for repairing work! That definitely is F.O.C.!!!

Won said...

I bought a Sapphire Ring at tomei at RM 1,500.It is happen the same story with u. The sapphire is drop and i go to the Tomei branches for request to replace it, but they said need to charge me at RM 700. excluded polishing my ring...wah lau yeh !!! I felt very angry at the moment!!! what to do...But wat happen is i went for buy a gift to my bf before valentine day's. fortunely i get a couple ring with the reasonable price with Lazo Diamond. i told them the story and they asked me bring along the Sapphire ring and show them next time.And the sales assit said they are provide the FOC services for life time.2 months later, i go for Lazo Diamond and show them the Ring. Finally i get a cheaper price to replace it !

Lazy indulgence said...

I have quite a few Lazo jewelry. they turned out quite ok. but my sister's necklace broke off and her bracelet also the same story.i think with lazo, the cheaper they are, the lesser the quality. stick with just white gold instead if anything.