Tuesday, 10 June 2008

JB n SG trip first and 2nd day

on 3rd june 2008, took morning 10.30am bus alone to JB, my first experience of sitting bus alone! hehe! reached larkin bus stop around 2 something pm.. after alighted from the Damai company bus, straight went to counter and get tix back to seremban on 6th june.. faint and the tix cost me RM35.. did i get cheated? i bought the same company bus.. from seremban to JB the rate is RM24, and from JB to seremban... RM35? huh?

while waiting for ting le came to pick me up... guess who i met? guess guess guess!!! so far no one get it correct....


ta-da~~ Behnam!!!
damn surprised! i felt sleepy while waiting for ting le to arrive as u know... 4hours bus sitting alone, just read book and listening to my mp3. then 2 familiar faces passed by me.. behnam's mum and bro.. as natural reaction, my legs made me stood up and hand reaching my mobile phone in bag ready to make a call.. and i saw behnam walkin towards with his dad.. but he didnt saw me as he didnt wear his spec and he looked extremely exhausted. and i called his name for few times only he heard it. haha, both of us were so surprised! we had a 5 mins chat as ting le reached so we had to stop... and didnt get to take a photo with him but i'm sure he wouldnt want to take a pic too as he looked really tired. *hehe*

i think i took bout 1 hour to calm my excitement down. haha. after that went Jusco Tebrau City to have my favourite food in JB... Stone Grill..

waiter serving salmon fish for us.. delicious n juicy salmon!!!
2nd day, woke up at 6am to get myself prepared b'cos ting le's uncle coming to pick us at 7.30am. her uncle is so funny...

our 1st stop was at orchard road. so many shopping malls there and we don't have enough time to finish walking in orchard road. bro came to meet us up at takashimaya's fountain and brought us to walk around and accompany us to shopping. haha.. pity him.

2nd stop was at bugis junction and we walked to bugis street. so crowded there... and i saw something sooo cute... tiny perfume bottles, those u need to squeeze 1.. damn cute! and i regret i didnt buy!!! grhhh..

didnt take much pics as we were keep walk walk n walkkkk.... regret didnt get to take some pics along orchard road.

bugis street, the largest street shopping location in singapore... almost like petaling street, where u can get cheap stuff in SG... kinda like petaling street, crowded.

after that, we walked to esplanade. saw this during our walking journey there! i dun really know what's that... something like cells? blood? really no idea! but they're cute. haha

what's ur feeling today ?

here we goooo.... esplanade!!

i love the colorful street lamps.. *heart heart*

see.. i really love it.. round round colorful lampsss...


hehe i loveee this pic so much.. taken by me using bro's canon 400D. they're so cute... 2 toddlers enjoy watching the merlion

under the bridge

something to think ?

after rest for 20 mins, we continue to walk to "lao pa sat" for dinner.. unique structure building. hehe... and yea... my 2 years plus singaporean net friend, jo dismissed from her work and walked to "lao pa sat" meet up with me.. so nicee meeting her! still thought we couldn't meet. she's such a pretty and sweet girl. =D thanks jo for coming and thanks for the delicious dishes! miss ya!

with bro and ting le... bro going to sweden soon for 8 months... =(

Stay tune for my visit to singapore zoo! it's really a nice zoo to visit!

Coming up Next : A visit to my high school - SMK Bukit Mewah

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