Sunday, 15 June 2008

Apple Iphone 3G

sorry for the late post. reached cyber jaya yesterday and ...... what the heck!!! still cannot online there... we applied the line and streamyx 2 weeks ago! but till now.... still cant online, even the telephone line not activated yet!!!!!!
so my post... Apple Iphone 3G... wowwwww.... nice nice looking phone!

taken from apple iphone's official site =) click to visit =D

of course... 3G
Maps with GPS... so u wont sesat in the town like me.

for more info on features of iphone 3G,click here.

and i heard it's US199? but i also heard this is the price for those who register fix line in US. hmmmm? *roll eyes*


Kenny Choo said...

Hmm but too bad...I phone will never reach malaysia not until one of the telco company gonna sign the agreement with apple

irene said...

16G is $299.
very nice oh.
yealoh..have to wait lo.

hueyMay said...

i wan one..haha