Tuesday, 28 December 2010

I had a great weekend =)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I got my first flannel! =)) heh! spotted too many nice stuff today! *struggle*

went Sushi Tei because i was craving for some salmons. hehe.

my salmon riceeee!

unagi don

scallop rice

and ... i don't know about this. but the prawns look seriously nice.

Soft shell crab handroll *weeeeeeee*

salmon ikura

pictures credit to XM. taken using iphone4.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Popeye the sailor man!

Finally we went sailing. Finally we went Port Dickson to visit Alvin after planned for approx 3 years? i just remember we had this sailing plan since our Foundation year in MMU. =D

we spent one night at PD, at the beach house. =)

we went sailing on the first evening and the second day's afternoon. from 12pm to 4.30pm! that explains why i look so dark now.

Let's see the preparation which has to be made before we could even go out to the sea.

The sails. hah! but we're not using this.

Instead, we're using this.


After *yays*

Next, boat!

Choosing engine like choosing girlfriend. picky as usual.

After setting up the two boats, we're ready to go! out to the sea :D

Ouh 1 more thing, national sailor said "safety first". The life jackets are compulsory. lalala!

Ok. Let's go!

Alvin gave each of us a short sailing lesson before he let us try.

Cute ice!

Capsized! (turn turtle!)

My turn =p yes, im afraid yet the sailor so relax sitting there. huhu~

Turned turtle too!
Everyone turned turtle! but I don't have pictures of gs, andy and kok weng turned turtle tho they turned few times hehe!

The expert =D

Next, boating!

Back to the beach house after that to clean up and dinner. then we enjoyed the sunset together =)

But i hate the sand flies! Attacked by the sand flies when we were there but I'm the only one has problem with the bites. Itchy for 1 whole week then I went for injection.  the scars are still so obvious on my both arms and legs even though almost one month already. Evil sand flies! prays hard for the scars to disappear as soon as possible because they're UGLY.

tomorrow will be a better day =)

Monday, 25 October 2010

Stand By Me


Sunday, 24 October 2010

let the wind leads you

Thursday, 21 October 2010


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Olivia Ong in MMU Cyberjaya

Guess most of the people here know who is she and her popularity is increasing lately. She dropped by mmu cyberjaya last 2 weeks for her Malaysia promo tour. "A girl meets bossanova" and "A girl meets bossanova 2" made me listen to her songs very often last time. Heard that she's coming and the ticket just RM6 per person, so.. why not? :D

RM6 for each. worth it? definitely yes although it was just one hour but she sang 3+1 songs.

the guy from DJ club and her. like her in the banner behind them.

she sang "You & me" , "Ain't No Sunshine", the little nyonya song and alas "sweet memories" when people shouted for encore.

This is her new song, You & me.

Among all the songs, i still love her "fly me to the moon", but too bad she didn't sing it that night.

Download BUY her new album, "Olivia" and enjoy it. I didn't know she has this new album until weeks before she came to MMU cyberjaya. haha. because all the while i just listen to her old albums.

I love bossanova, do you? :D

Thursday, 1 July 2010

dedicated to two sweeties ❤

Last day of June 2010. (it's actually 1st july now but i dont care, i want to complete this by tonight) :P

The 23rd june baby, Sze shee. I'm happy to see your surprise face when we popped up at four seasons, wangsa maju. hope you had a great 21st with all the good friends around. don't stress up yourself always. relax. and will be easier to figure things out.

The 27th June baby, our lovely ai ling. I can't stop looking at this lovely pic each time i see the thumbnail. it's on my desktop now babe :D i'm glad things are going smoother with you. do share with me more okay? :)
and... i'm sorry ai ling, i wanted to tell you this but i don't know how. you might not know the reason but you'll know it soon why am i apologizing. hehe. i can't wait to talk to you.

Happy belated Birthday to both of you. you guys' birthday celebrations have not end yet! can't wait for our date. loves.

happy pills

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Urbanscapes 2010

heard bout Urbanscapes couple of years ago but I never been to the event before until this year. because of the wrong timing but this year timing was ok! i always wonder whats there in urbanscapes besides the bazaar and music performance.

woke up at 10-ish in the morning and do some daily routine like facebook and checking emails then get myself prepared. head to putrajaya sentral to take klia transit to bandar tasik selatan to meet up with the two girls, Sandra & Renee! the two girls who i went Urbanscapes with. :D then we took the tutt tutt KTM to Sentul. and we walked to Klpac from there! the best part was we crossed over a 4 lanes railway tracks while one train was coming towards us.

we walked and walked and walked then we reached here! XD

food bazaar

We met Beng Han there but he left earlier than us.

Beng Han & Sandra

look what are they holding! =P

Renee & Beng Han

Beng Han & me

and we went to get some food as i was damnnnn fungry that time!

and then.. ta-da! sandra is the lai ma whoooo!

Picnic time! :D

i saw a helium balloon very near to where we were having picnic so i took the balloon over and take pic :P helium balloons


the angkat rumah's "rumah"

cool! i like the yellow... hmm. wad do you call that?

sandra's friend, Joshua is recording some videos. :D

Renee and friends. That's Amanda Choe! pretty and hot!

Great meeting Sandra, Renee, Benghan and some new faces! im one tone darker. the sun light makes the photos look awesome :D and i will definitely wear shorts and flip flops to there next time. lesson learned!