Thursday, 1 July 2010

dedicated to two sweeties ❤

Last day of June 2010. (it's actually 1st july now but i dont care, i want to complete this by tonight) :P

The 23rd june baby, Sze shee. I'm happy to see your surprise face when we popped up at four seasons, wangsa maju. hope you had a great 21st with all the good friends around. don't stress up yourself always. relax. and will be easier to figure things out.

The 27th June baby, our lovely ai ling. I can't stop looking at this lovely pic each time i see the thumbnail. it's on my desktop now babe :D i'm glad things are going smoother with you. do share with me more okay? :)
and... i'm sorry ai ling, i wanted to tell you this but i don't know how. you might not know the reason but you'll know it soon why am i apologizing. hehe. i can't wait to talk to you.

Happy belated Birthday to both of you. you guys' birthday celebrations have not end yet! can't wait for our date. loves.

happy pills


Eric Ng said...


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Kong Irene said...

c= i love you so much babe!

Su-Ann said...

hey! tumpang here wanna say happy birthday to tat two gals also!!!!!! happy belated birthday pipi and ailing!!! sorry i missed the celebration. miss u guys!

fufu said...

wangsa maju....used to hang out there with friends...hahaha

Szeshee said...

thanks babe!