Monday, 28 July 2008

Happy Birthday to meee~ *2nd celebration*

sorry for my laziness.. i have sooo many to post yet im still lazy! bang me =p

and yea... on the same day 19/07/08 night, gilbert picked me up at my house around 10.30pm. ah zhu n js in his car too! haha.. so many months didnt meet up with them ady! =X then we went kiat's house to meet up with him and wen soon. after that, we headed to a cafe in town. That time only i realized there's such cafe exist in seremban! lol... lame me! then we sat n ordered n chit chat chit chat... while i was busy observing the lights in the cafe..... what happened??

I saw one small box in front of me!!! when i lifted up, it's a purple APPLE ipod shuffle! i was like "woah??" mp3 player? haha!

twra~laaa~laaa....... XD

then we played "dare & drink" game.. first round it's "dare and drink" second round onwards become "dare and dare" hahaha. luckily i lost in first round and not second, third, fourth and so on...

and... i won... 2 of them need to hug each other... and Js and Gilbert got called by me XD XD! *woohoo*

enjoy the photos~ i hope they do entertain u... =p
2nd round, i won too.... 2 of them... kissed each otherrr~ Kiat(left) looked desperate to kiss his partner, Gilbert(right) somehow seemed shy... XD


i think 4th times, me won again. ahhaha! but this time i wan 2 people sing.. *keke*

they sang "bei pan" by gary cao for me. twraaaallallala~ *thanks yaaaa!!!! i love the song* hahaha!

so ... we had to leave because the shop was about to close already. then we took some photos outside the shop.

wen soon & me

Kiat & me

Js & me *good luck in the mmu model search competition*

Gilbert & me

Ah zhu & me

after that we went to Kensington, Era Square for red wine treats. TEE HEE!! Suggested by Gilbert. at first he bluff me that they were goin to bring me to clubbing. i was like "omg? no way" but then they stopped in front of the western food restaurant. *keke*

waiting the glasses to be filled~~

same color saje?? *keke*

we cheeerrrrrrrrsssss~

Thanks gilbert for the red wine treats ;)


the leftover...
Thanks you guys so much for the celebration!!
Thanks Wen Soon for coming back seremban from UTM, Johor! thanks thanks
Thanks Gilbert, wen soon and Kiat for the ipod shuffle..
Thanks Gilbert for the red wine~
Thanks Js for cominggggggg...

Here are the guys i wanna thank to... but i don have wen soon's photo because he wasn't allowed me to take!

GilbertJS (uhh, acting cool? *ignore ignore* =p)

ah zhu

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