Sunday, 13 July 2008

I'm sorry to my bestie.

I read her blog. I felt so guilty. a very very very not-feeling-good feeling. I'm so sorry to you. I knew i've been neglected you but 3 of u still standing the same place as last time, now and in future. There are many many people keep coming into my life but u guys still the most important besties for me. i hope the "besties" that u always mentioned still staying the besties for u. i'm really sorry for whatever we've done.

this is something for u. the friendship bond will never loosen. trust me and trust us.

I promised i will get something for you and I will. I didnt go back to seremban so i havent pass it to you. hope u don't mind. i'm truly sorry. Recently was not really in the mood because of university stuff. I miss the day chatting and discussing the topic with u. u've been so honest in the topic which made me impressed by ur honesty. I'm sorry for everything we did to make u feel that way. three of you will always stay as my besties, my good sisters, my girls who i will talk to. i love you gals.



My Profile said...

ooo... haha.. u r sorry for ur bestie...

not ur mum! LOL!

irene said...

i never give up. i love you.