Tuesday, 22 July 2008


Daisy - Innocence, Loyal Love, I'll Never Tell, Purity

i love daisy. and im loving it.

Someone's birthday coming. in few hours of time. but what's my mood now? excited? absofuckinglutely nop... this year birthday isnt a good day for me perhaps?

i got
-examination stress
-personal problems
-people around are acting so awkward since last night

well, family is not around.. buddies are not around.. isn't a good sign? perhaps.

nah... don't think too much.. =X

oh yea, thanks to

alvin and andy - to celebrate my bday for me in secret recipe seremban. will update soon.

wen soon, kiat, gilbert, ah zhu and jin soon - for throwing such a nice and simple party for me. and a very nice present. =) thank u guys alot lot... *will update soon too*

ta..... happy birthday to myself in advance. =)


Lee said...

hey baby baby, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.....

My Profile said...

dun say till like u r very pity kiex?!! u r not!!
not at all!! haha...

u noe so many ppl out there wanted to celebrate birthday for u!! and u r saying it isnt a good day? haha..

come on...
look at a brighter side...
problems, difficulties..
all of these are helping u to grow up.. grow mature...

and u r older d!! LOL..
Big sis!! =p
dun kill me ya..

all da best...
cheer up...
happie birthday!!


kanki said...

Happy 19th birthday.

U so happening still complain this complain that?

I know what's the present for you this year already. U can ask me.

-waiseng- said...

:) Happy Birthday

Joanne said...

happy belated birthday, sorry i didn't keep in touch with your blog..again, happy belated birthday.