Sunday, 6 July 2008

Friends + BR + Movie = Awesomenesss

yeapss.... quoted it from sandra! hehe... last monday was BR + wanted outing.. at 1st i couldnt make it because i have engineering maths tutorial at 6-7pm. but at last, i changed it! keke. so i able to make it to pavilion, KL.

THANKS to Gary who gave me a ride there. luckily. =D

so we went Ichiban Boshi for dinner. I was not so hungry that time because i ate some buns b4 i went out yet i ordered a set.

I forgot what's the name of the set... but i love Unagi! it's delicious! cant resist of it lar! but the others so so only... i cant even finish the hmm... "mee" ! waste of food!!!! *ish*
the group. simon&gf, me(=X), waiseng, gary, sandra, grace and kenny! * steal from simon's blog, saw the watermark? XD *

and next.. of course BR. bcos it was BR outing right? so of cos BR. for ur info, BR=baskin robbin.

me and waiseng. showing our mint chocolate chip ice-cream~

was asked to do "sandra's pose".. look at waiseng! lolx!!! i burst to laughters when i saw this pic! and gary like... carrying a knife? *stay away!*

yea. a normal one. group shot.

after that was movie time! Beng han came for movie too. We watched Wanted. it was nice! don't believe? wai seng watched it for thrice.. so it's nice. now u can believe me? XD XD


-waiseng- said...

look at my popping eyes. hahahaha

reddishTea said...

yeaaaaaaa. if u ask me to look again. i will laugh again. hahaha =X

Sandra said...

My pose?? =O! hahahha

-waiseng- said...

hahaaha, there is no price for awesomeness LOLOLOLOL

M'eLLe said...

ice cream!!! yummy yum yum!! awesomeness??? ooo.... waiseng awesome??? lol...
eyes got pop out meh?.. gosh.. *takes a closer look....

reddishTea said...

-sandra: yeala! ur pose. hehehe... doesnt look like?

-waiseng: yea but that's cute! haha

-m'elle: hey!! jom next time we go for BR! hehe.