Wednesday, 17 October 2007

time to update!

*sigh* got no time to update! sorrrry.. let's talk bout last friday night. yesh, finally we had some sort of gathering stuff. organized by james and weikeong. We went steamboat at lobak. Ailing and XiauLi brought a friend along .She 80% look like ah Teng!!!! A happy gathering night. Sky sit beside me and we cooked for each other, haha. thanks ya sky.. Coincidently, i met eric vooi. He was with his secondary friends. =) After we finished our steamboat, *ehem* photo-taking and camwhoring sessions ... ha-ha.
yeaps! fitted in!
uhhuh... peace?
Sky and me. thanks ya sky? *winks*CheeSheng and me.. thanks for ur ride whenever we hang out. ;)
James the leng jai and me.. XD 1 funny pic of him coming up!Da P and Me.. "P, u're getting prettier!"the busy guy-yixiang.. hope you finish your uni stuff soon. miss those days we used to hang out everyday. oneLove. thanks for coming that night. he-he. take good care in your coll ya!

*hi-5!* us us us! the raingod family. XD i love you all so damn much. muakz! neo a neo, happy studying in the one ya.. stand with the assignments.. try to enjoy to the max even they're kinda suffering for u. I believe you can. ;) Ramadi, new sem started, study hard ya! hope your laptop getting well soon. keke.. update me always bout u a!!!! cos i always know your things through jason's mouth. haha.. XD *know what am i talking about?* Boseyung, all the best in ur lower six final ya.. enjoy school life. ;) love you alllllll.........

family portrait! family remains as family. =D
the people of the night =) cheers. this makes me reminds of our form5 class.. missing it =(this is the pic i mentioned jus now. james's funny expression.haha! faster grab p's cam after saw this scene so managed to snap this. haha!

*finish* for this blog. -raya holiday trip blog coming up next-

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