Friday, 2 November 2007

shop in sunway pyramid with boseyung


ailing a.k.a boseyung called up my house at 7.59am this morning but every morning, my mum will unplugged the house phone so that i can sleep soundly in room. haha. so i cant heard my house phone ringing this morning. 8.15am, out from room, walked to house phone, checked the call list, yea, she called me! haha... decided, we out at 9.15am but... im slow! then ailing came to my house, we ate nasi lemak 1st.

boseyung said we never take bus since long time ago so we decided to take bus, sadly, no bus. and a taxi. wow, i still remember every words the WOMAN driver said, she freaking cool! she spoke well in cantonese, mandarin, english, malay and Tamil as well! haha XD XD!

sadly, neo is not free to come out. me and boseyung quite disappointed at 1st, we thought every plan gone. so sad. i called my dad to ask whether he can fetch us. and luckily, he gave me a "yes" LMAO! so we can go sunway pyramid. we ate pizza and baskin robbins. a malay guy approached boseyung and wanna "berkenalan" with her. LOL! *laughing non stop*

after that i rushed to Mango. damn afraid my bag is sold out! i got 30% for the bag, woo-hoo! faster called my mum and asked her let me to buy it! crave for it! and one top. ngeks.
and we bought a classic cosmetic box too.. haha. is it cosmetic box? whatever, can use in many ways..
the interior...

what do you think? ;)

and i bought 3 nails colors and 1 shimmer powder, total RM6.50. worth? *keke*

less photos aha! i'm working on some photos. *editing* will upload up soon. hehe, i love those camwhoring photos of us. and yah, forgot to mention. i DO LOVE the toilets in sunway pyramids. lmao XD!

upload some first.

one of the toilet. another design nicer! haha.
this one nice! boseyung is applying lip gloss?

camwhore in mango's fitting room. boss said boseyung looks CUN in this pic!! haha, i agree too. and i look shit. boseyung took the camera too high. -__-"
photographer --> boseyung. *thanks,love this photo =)*
don't want upload all first. will upload more soon.

P/S: I've created an account in Flickr. Bro asked me to -__-" here is my flickr address. just uploaded two photos.

* went FOLIO today. Lomo cameras just left Colorsplash and Pop9. what i want no stocks anymore! the salesgirl said other branches also no stocks. die la. my fisheye2! price--> RM250, fisheye RM200, colorsplash RM285. which one?


irene said...

thank me for taking those pics la! XDD

Lee said...

yer! so ncie de wa....
du got longkang!

hueyMay said...

too bad tat day i cant time ehhh..haiz
those cams i saw in folio oso..which 1 u gonna buy?
pyramid nice to walka rnot?i oso din relai walk cham..
u bought many gud..
sob sob

reddishTea said...

irene, haha. thank you lor.. hehe

p, so 38 lar u. =.= it's angle prob

jan, yes lo. too bad ler u didnt join us. i wanna buy fisheye2. hehe.. where got gud. bought 2 things only