Thursday, 1 November 2007


shit, i'm still dreaming to own one PSP!!!!!!!!!!!! I've asked a friend last night, PSP 3.52version is now selling RM820 with 4GB memory card each. uhh.. RM820!! yes, I just got my ptptn money, but sadly i can't use the money to buy PSP for myself! I've to pay my apartment rental and pocket money for every week! now just hoping will get a good price during PC fair or hoping it drop until RM700, is it possible ah?

PSP new colors --> Pink!! , Silver, Champagne Gold, Blue

suggestion from friend as below --
Black - Classic
White - Modern
Pink - Nice
Blue - Damn cool
Gold - Unique

Silver - Class

CUN! hmm, pink and blue are nice! pink is so sweet, blue is really damn cool.. GRR, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee......................... really wish to have one!! T.T

For more info of the PSP click this
The official site of PSP
more details click this


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afiq said...

wow....there are new psp i do not have one my friend and classmates have one i wish you could help and buy for me please......if you do thank you??????