Thursday, 8 November 2007

Second Trimester

New trimester begins. ... i hate it! need to study study and study again! Well, I don't really like my Calculus lecturer. Will I fail for my calculus? I doubt that.. I don't really understand what he's teaching but other 2 female classmates seem like understand it quite well. *sigh*

Today (071107), Gilbert and Kiat came to malacca to find their friend, JinSoon. They fetched me and ting le to breakfast in the morning because it was drizzling that time. Night, 3 of them, JinSoon's gf, me and ting le went Old Newton for dinner and then Wings Cafe for a drink. Ting Le's classmate, Grace sings in that cafe. She's vy much different compare to the last trimester when i saw her. mayb make up? hmm.. She sings quite well.

After that, I guess they knew that both of us dont feel like going pure bar so jinsoon suggested Klebang beach. em. not bad lar. jus made me think alot. then 1am back ixora.

just my day. thinking something. don't feel like sleeping.

*sign off*


kanki said...

why so long time never update blog?

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