Thursday, 8 May 2008

I'M BACK. proudly by -me- XD

Finally.... I'm back to blogging~! Been busy for the whole trimester 3... and it's not end yet! 2 more weeks to go.. Final exam... not prepare yet because sick for the whole last week. exam, exam and examsssss...... feel like there is no any "finish" line for the tests.... tiring.

yay! finally we've made the trip successfully! Me, P, Ken, One love and Yix. just booked the air asia ticket 2 days ago.
my flight details!! looking forward to the trip. after the trip... hmm.. 3 weeks at home :(

sit for the muet's english test today.. yixiang's mum is my examiner! tension when u see ur good friend's mum has to judge you. @@
during the group discussion, the other 2 candidates who are teachers came and shooted my points. damn die.

mother's day coming. yday went to bought a present and today wanna do a card for her... hehehe.
that's all.

"If 4 months are long, what about 2 years?"

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