Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Langkawi and Penang trip Day 2

here comes DAY 2!!!!!

me and kei woke up at 6am in the morning to prepare 1st.. then ken,love and xiang's turns.
after we got ourselves changed, we prepared to go for a stroll along the private beach of Langkasuka resort and take our breakfast in resort.

camwhore early in the morning before we stepped out from our room XD

and we left ken,love and xiang in the room. *keke*

some bridge in the resort

:angkasuka's beach
and me... my face still blur @@

at 8.30am, we went check out for our room and get ready to go island hopping tour! we placed our luggages in luggage room and our chocolates at the lobby counter.

we reached the small jetty about 9.15am and we have waited for approx 1 hour for others to come! that time, we started to worry whether we can reach langkawi jetty on time as our ferry is at 2.30pm, if we were late... we have to wait until 5.30pm!

so we started our island hopping journeyyyyhhhh~

ok, camwhore 1st... *haha*

woo hoo...... big wind!
and our first stop is at middle of the deep sea to get a view of PREGNANT MAIDEN island. sometimes i feel vy curious of the nature things. *roll eyes*

the 2nd stop is Geoforest park. so many monkeys there and one of our mineral were forced to give them as one of the monkey hugged the mineral water bottle tightly and didn't want to let go =.=

take pics with 3 of the guys.

me and love.

me and xiang.

me and ken.

and we went in the forest..

as we walked till the end... there's one small teluk and i heard my fren said it's not salty sea water? and it's air tawar? how come?and there is fish massage there. it's not the fish spa u can find in mid valley/pavilion. the fishes are big and blackie! if not mistaken, they're called cat fish? or cap fish? forgot! and it's ticklish!!!!! me and yixiang keep screaming. haha. but i still look forward to my visit to the real fish spa. wonder when the day will arrive =( cos i'm broke after this trip!

5 of us.. enjoying 'kissing' by the fishes =D

others. and u can see.. the fishes are big and black!
and the 3rd stop is for eagle feeding... i thought we can feed ourselves when i heard EAGLE FEEDING.. but then it was the boat driver threw some bread to the sea and we just can WATCH the eagle to eat the food. =.= but nvm... i still enjoy looking at the huge and strong size eagles grabbed their food from the surface of the sea!

many many eagles!!!!!! i love them! they're 'man' enough. haha XP *click to enlarge the pic to hav a better view of the eagles*
and our final stop is at some unknown island. we didnt manage to swim there as we didnt brought extra clothes with us. so we just can take photos at the seaside and do camwhoring! XD XD

im the lame poser who spoilt the photo! =( i should post another way round so that it wil have a "cross" shape.
we tried to do jumping but we failed =(

ken looks like posing for album cover shoots... haha!

eeee... ken said we're candle princesses in his blog because we hide under the tree. haha!

the speed boat.

after the island hopping tour, we reached Langkasuka resort at about 1.20pm and we took back our luggages and our chocs and we dashed to Langkawi jetty! all of us felt so heartache after knowing the ferry ticket is RM55 each! *sobs*

at about 5.10pm, we have arrived penang island safely! and i didnt experience dizziness(mabuk laut) during this ride! because whenever i start to feel unwell, i make myself sleep! hehe! really envy at those who wont get dizzy in the shaking boats/ferries!

5 of us got in a cab to City Bayview hotel, penang. and bloody #$^%, the chinese lady not allowed me to check in because i'm underage? the hotel management set the limit for 21 years old above! so i had to ask my aunt for help.. made her purposely come to city bayview all the way from her house. the thing which made me pissed was the lady asked me to have a seat 1st and she would let me know after she asked the management but then she didnt informed me later on! and Wendy, the sales manager called zhen ming's aunt to inform her. and zhen ming called and informed me. i was just standing like not even 5 meters from her, why can't she tell me hah? and her attitude is soooo insincere! luckily the sales manager, Wendy is kind and friendly enough! her service is *thumbs up*! and for the reservation counter lady, Miss Tan H.W, i hope i won't see you again for my next visit. Thank you. *hmphm!*
thanks alot to zhen ming and my aunt who helped us!

after we cleaned up ourselves, we were ready to go for delicious penang hawker food!! felt so excited at the moment as we felt damn hungry!
we walked to Macalister street from our hotel... the journey took us 20 minutes but it passed very fast as all of us chit-chatting and joking around. =)

and our foooooood!!!!!!!

the fried oysters!! i miss it so much now! it's much more delicious than malacca fried oysters! seriously.
just managed to snap 2 of 6 dishes as i was starving that time. *heee*

Coming up next : Langkawi and Penang trip Day 3 and Day 4


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