Saturday, 17 May 2008

new header

whooppss~ i have a new header for my blog! i planned to design it during my holidays but i really cant wait anymore! so i ask my brother, kanki for help me a little as he's interested in this field.

and.... TA-DAAAA.. this is my new banner!

thank you so much. and i like my blog so much now!

seriously... i miss yoga classes... =(

get this from applecherrie
find this is very cute... haha. i miss yoga! and i become fatter and i feel myself becoming more unhealthy now! thanks to the sucky timetable which made me cannot rush back to sban on time to attend yoga classes!

later 2.30pm having probability and statistic final paper.... wish me luck.


Lee said...

yer!! ah hui so nice!!
can help me do 1? hahahhaah~
but im using wretch. anyway, jk. but u wanna help me do, i dun mind. hahahah`
nice la du!

hueyMay said...

ya!!very nice!!ahui very geng!!it's reali nice...

reddishTea said...

oh thanks thanks! i think he will happy after read this..